The tree sighed, but to the outside it looked as if it swayed in the misty wind. The tree reground its roots and tapped into its connection to the soil, the sun, the emotions of the sky and the gentle touch of any creature who visited it. The tree looked down at the distracted, and somewhat lost beings of Earth. The tree shook off the energy, but yet again to the outside world it just looked like the wind brushing off its leaves. But this girl was different, the rectangle in everyone’s hands that kept people out of touch, was nowhere to be found with this girl. Her smile showed the colors of her soul and her eyes showed the curiosity of her heart. The tree smiled back at her, to most it may have looked like it lost some leaves, but to this girl, she could truly see the tree. She placed one hand on its tough, prickly bark; she closed her eyes, let her soul consume her body, let the fire inside her burn brighter and she tapped into the part of her that was connected to this tree, the Universe.

The tree felt her spirit and spoke, “Sunlight Energy.” The tree could give this girl guidance and advice on her journey, but the tree wasn’t going to spell it out, that was her journey. The tree took in the final breath of her aura and thanked her for the moments of peace they had together. It knew that she understood, just as the tree understood.

The girl opened her eyes, and breathed in the crisp, clean energy that engulfed this tree. She thanked it for its message and the moments of peace they had together. She smiled at the sky; her soul felt at peace, her mind at ease, and her heart felt supported and loved. Now, it was time to spread her sunlight energy.

Be fearless and free -Ace

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