A Little Message To You πŸ€—

Having a blog, a website, had been a dream of mine and I waited for the perfect time to make it a reality – 2020 seemed right. I always wanted a place to pursue my passion of writing and to share my work with others. I’ve always craved connection but I never anticipated that craving being fulfilled through my blog. I also never anticipated all the beauty I would get to see every day from other souls through my reader. But, the Universe is really full of so many miracles!

Thank you, from the core of my being and the depths of my heart, to each and everyone of you who read this blog, who’ve supported me and continue to do so, who’ve reached out and connected, and to anyone who has visited my blog! I honestly never thought I’d get to write this post or feel so truly blessed to have connected with such beautiful souls. I look forward to every morning when I get to read so many beautiful, soul touching and comforting posts that truly bring a smile to my heart.

Connection, if you know me, is one of my favorite topics to write about because I think it is being taken away from us; the darkness out there knows just how powerful love is. The connection through this blog and through other’s websites has truly blown my mind and touched my soul. I feel so so grateful to have had the opportunity to have connected with some of you; even though to the outside, it may just seem like a few words, to me it is so much more. The energy, vibration, support and love I’ve received through the most thoughtful comments some of you have sent me, truly means more than you could know. They always bring a smile to my face and heart, so thank you so so much!!

There is so much love and light in this world, and sadly in the mainstream world there is no focus on it. I am so grateful to live in a reality surrounded by love, light, beautiful energy, strong souls and amazing creations. Thank you for helping my reality be as beautiful as it is, let’s continue to spread love, light and the highest frequencies to transform this world!! I believe in you, I see you and I thank you for all the love, support, smiles and joy you’ve brought to me! Be fearless and free -Ace

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    • Thank you so so much! Wow, that is so very kind and I am so grateful to have connected with you!! Thank you, yes, there is a lot of truth there, but we have so much power to shine the love and light that diminishes all the darkness!! Sending you love 🀍

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