My Hand’s Daydream

The car keeps rolling steadily through the open roads. I’ve always thought it weird that the car can move miles and I don’t move an inch. I guess it’s like my thoughts, they move miles in my head but my body stays still.

I put my hand on the window and look out at the land. I unleash my imagination and my thoughts to run wild through the fields. My hand stays on the glass and my eyes rest on my nails. They’re longer than they’ve been and that makes me happy, my hands always seem to be a gauge of where my state of mind is.

Back to my thoughts, she comes through and I see her playing in the crops. Then he comes in and I see him through the song I’m listening to. Now my gaze comes back to my hand on the cold window; I soak in the stillness. Back to the fields, last night’s dream starts to unravel itself and tomorrow’s vision comes to light. Then they all become alive, it’s making me wonder.

My foundation makes a large circle in the middle of the crops, winding itself in and out into the most beautiful shapes. No matter what thought comes into my mind, that foundation stays strong and clear.

I open my eyes out of this short daydream and draw my attention back to my hand. I marvel at how my small, delicate hand connects to the sun above me and the mountains that surround. Me, seemingly just a small human, in actuality a big part of this enormously infinite Universe.

I unlock my phone, change the song and start writing. Here’s what came. -Ace

31 responses to “My Hand’s Daydream”

  1. This is amazing, Ace! So beautiful. Love the imagery, and the daydream of the field is wonderful. The foundation will always be strong with this inspiring perspective 💛

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  2. Beautiful transmission, touching expression. I can recognize myself within these words. A soul recognition. I appreciate the visions I can conjure from your artistry here. Much love sister❤🙏🎆

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    • Awe thank you so much!! This touching comment makes my day, truly I’m eternally grateful!! I feel very much the same about you, it’s funny how your posts line up with exactly what I need to hear, the universe definitely lined us up!! Grateful for you sister, 💗💗🤗


  3. This is utterly beautiful. A rarity of sight and feeling. Very flowing and imaginative writing. Absolutely dreamy to read. You have natural talent. 👌🙏🙌💓🌀

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