Projecting my life force into the ground below me and the sky above, this life is what I dream it to be. My stomach starts to turn, I close my eyes and peace comes back. When I open them again, that feeling in my stomach returns. Then it hits me – what if this life is my dream?

Reality is just a projection of my mind. I can change it, I can bend it and I can certainly wake up in a new one whenever I choose. Why do I feel more at home with my eyes closed? Is it because the labels and the surroundings are just turning my dream into a nightmare?

My perception is ever changing, but, my purpose stays the same – freedom. The vibrations around me close in and when I choose to awaken, they go away. Each day is a fresh dream, and each night is a new escape.

I find peace in the serenity of this moment. My eyes are just starting to fade and the dreamer in my mind is starting to come back to life. Sleep greets me and imagination pours over my being. My soul detaches from my body and projects a movie, the most important movie – the movie of my infinite, timeless and eternal journey.

When I awake and come back to this living dream, I sometimes wish I could’ve stayed. But, the drive of my mission revs up my soul and reminds me that I am meant to be here now.

Although, I know deep inside – this life is the dream I project at night.


27 responses to “Dream”

  1. “What if this life is my dream?” – This got me.
    WOAAAH, fascinating post!!! Everything here is just so engrossing and honestly, thank you for this refreshing masterpiece! Every sentence is better than the previous and you definitely know how to leave the reader awed.

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    • Alina!!! You make my day! Thank you so much!! Wow, I’m so touched…truly, feel so blessed to have connected with you! I appreciate you and your support leaves me speechless!!! Lots of love to you dear friend 🖤🤗

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    • Awe thank you so much Cait!!! That means so much coming from you!! Words can’t express how grateful I am for you and your support; truly!! Hugs and love friend 🖤🤗

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  2. Ah the dreams we have here painted with wild imagination and an array of colorful emotions. Whatever we can come up with, the possibilities are endless. This piece solidified the sheer wonder there is in that fact 💛🌠✨😊

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    • Yes exactly, that is so well/magically said! Thank you so much!! Your love and support always brings a big smile to my face and leaves me so touched…I appreciate YOU!!! Hugs and love sister 🖤🤗

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    • Awe thank you so much D!!! I really appreciate your support and kind words, means a lot…so touched!!! Hugs and love dear friend 🖤🤗


    • Awe thank you so much Diana!! That means a lot coming from one of my favorite writers!!! Your support means so much, truly truly grateful!!! Hugs and love friend 🖤🤗


  3. Absolutely love your article, a beautiful description of your awake awareness that often blurs the distinction between reality, dream, sleep, waking. The distinction of projections from the true consciousness, making this existence into this stream of experiences that we are as is part of, and also witnessing. There is absolute peace in the present moment – take good care my precious friend through these amazing experiences. Much Love.

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