Author’s Note – if you see the name “Ace” on any of my old work it’s still me, Grace is my full name and Ace was a fun nickname for the time. Keep reading for the full story!

I am Grace the fearless and free soul! I am a poet, writer/published author, athlete, fitness and music lover, lyricist, vegan chef, creator, dreamer, daughter, sister and my own best friend.

This is phase 2 of this blog 😊. So here’s a little about phase 1…I was as scared as it gets in my early youth. I battled fear for years, always trying to escape but never quite breaking free. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I started freeing myself from fear. Through this journey, I learned so much and grew tremendously. I was inspired to dive deep into the power of thoughts, the Universe, the soul, creating what you want, fear vs. love, freedom and the power of your vibration, frequency and energy. I have to thank my mom here, she guided me on my journey and without her I would still be that fearful, small soul.

As I experimented with these topics in my reality, I realized how much more there is to life than we realize and just how powerful we are.

2020 was an eye opening year to say the least. 2020 was not a bad year, it was an incredible year of change, awakening and truth. My awakening to truth and to seeing what this world really is began in March of 2020. My family and I dived deep into the darkness to be able to see the light. That is when I knew I needed to get my voice out there and share this creative burst that was pouring through me.

So I blogged almost everyday for more than a year and it was so deeply fulfilling. I even published a book in 2021 – The Waking Dream. But like all things, I had other phases of life to deeply experience and other versions of me to get to know. So it’s been over a year and I’m now ready for Phase 2 of this blog 😊.

In my little hiatus of blogging, I’ve done things I never thought possible, I’ve lived life to the fullest, I’ve gotten to know myself in ways I never imagined, i made my dreams a reality, I developed a deeper meaning to being fearless and most of all I learned what it truly means to LIVE. So in Phase 2 of blogging, my mission is to share a little bit of that meaning with you and to give “fearless free soul” a new spin 😊.

Thank you for being on this journey with me -Grace

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