life is good

Something’s been telling me to write
And I’ve been putting up a fight
Something about saying what’s right
Instead of letting go and taking flight

My mind has a way of being chaotic
While life has a way of being hypnotic
It’s this weird paradox we play in
One I think we like to stay in

Summarizing my life in a few lines
Memorizing the meaning in a few signs
Fitting a million moments in one
Feeling the rise just like the sun

I’ve pursued my dreams in real life
I’ve stayed me when there was strife
I’m healing and living at the same time
It all feels so perfect, like this rhyme


And here’s the image version 💛

Welcome to Phase 2 of this blog – where we dive into a new definition of being fearless and what it means to truly LIVE! The website has been fully updated and if you’re curious as to what I’ve been up to this past year, go check out the updated “About” page!

Thank you to each and everyone of you who sent me the sweetest messages during my hiatus, they didn’t go unnoticed! Each one brought big smiles to my heart and left me so truly touched.

Here’s to phase 2 of Fearless Free Soul! Thank you for being on this journey with me! -Grace

36 responses to “life is good”

  1. Welcome back, Grace! With a lovely poem! Life is really good, if we think and act so. WP community has missed you a lot. Wishing you all the best for Phase 2.👍💐💖

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  2. Ohhh hello Grace and wow!! So glad to see you’re back too///I just read your About, so am a bit more caught up, but I have missed your wonderful poetry and your incredible support of others too. So good to see you again and enjoyed your first poem in a long time..
    Big hugss and I too wish you the best in Phase 2

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  3. Welcome back sister!!!
    We missed your wise words🙂 glad you are back.
    All the best for the second phase of this blog. An excellent post to start with 👍😇

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    • Awwww dear Hitesh, thank you so very much!!! You make my day 🤗😊. Glad you enjoyed, I’m so happy to be back! And I am so grateful for your always thoughtful and beyond kind support, here’s to phase 2 🤗🤍

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    • Awww omg Rahul, you make my day!! Gosh that means so so much to me…more than you could know. I very much feel the same in reading your words, glad we’re back on this writing journey together 😊. Appreciate you, dear friend 🤍🤗


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