Becoming Unstoppable

Hello readers! I hope this helps you become fearless and free! Enjoy!

Confidence came to me recently. I think it is something that comes and goes but I do know that I feel like my best self and everything I do is better when I feel confident. Confidence comes from inside, not the outside world. How you think about yourself, how you handle what other people think/say about you and the way you carry yourself all contribute to your level of confidence. 

You have to let go of all fear to feel truly confident. You might feel sparks of confidence when you’re still holding on to fear but once you let go you’ll really know how it feels. If you’re like me and really hard on yourself then confidence is a little harder to come by. That is ok, having high expectations for yourself is good, just don’t be too crazy. Give yourself credit where credit is due. You are stronger than you know, you are doing your personal best. That deserves credit and you should totally feel confident about that. 

That was the hurdle for me to jump, how do I balance being hard on myself and always wanting more and being confident and giving myself credit. Life is a journey and you just learn along the way. Everyone’s journey is different. I think over time you just learn how to balance it, and you’ve got to be good at seeing that your little mind is talking to you and not your higher self. Your higher self will give you the true credit you deserve and will motivate you to be better when you need to. It will never berate you or think negatively about you for it sees you for who you are. 

Confidence shows in the way you hold yourself physically and the way you communicate with yourself and others. Society wants you to think of you as just another human in the billions that are supposedly on this world. You are unique, different from the pack and a pivotal part of this Universe. Stand tall and proud. Talk to yourself as you’d talk to your best friend. I struggled a ton with posture in the past and I still do a little bit. When I was filled with fear and not really wishing to stand out, my posture was really bad and slouched. Over the years it has gotten better, but I do catch myself here and there.

It is ok to be shy and quiet, just make sure you’re not pushing down your voice and silencing yourself. If you are silencing yourself you’ll know based on how you feel. You’ll feel lonely, timid, regretful and something inside of you will feel like something is missing; as if, your heart is not quite full and your soul is not complete. Don’t quiet yourself, speak your truth, speak your mind, use your voice. I can’t tell you how many times I learned this lesson. In my life, there was one instance that forever changed me and I’ve always used my voice since. It takes courage, some kindness towards yourself and the belief that your voice deserves to be heard.

One of the hardest parts for me in journey with confidence and using my voice was the regret and all the “I wish I said this or this”. It still bothers me a little bit to this day. But, once you have your voice and your confidence you’ve got to be kind to yourself and be proud. You can never go back and there is no point in beating yourself up about past situations. All those times you were scared to speak up made it possible for you to learn to speak your truth and to gain confidence. Those times made you the person you are today and helped you grow.

That feeling when you know who you are, speak your mind fearlessly and freely and have utter confidence in every moment you live is indescribable and incomparable. The one word I could use would be free. And unstoppable. Nothing will hold you back, people and your little mind will tell you “you can’t do that” and you’ll just laugh. You won’t believe it because you’ll know you can do anything you set your mind to. You’ll feel free of others’ expectations and thoughts about you, free from your little mind always trying to convince you you’re small, free from fear and free from pain. Pushing things down and being constantly scared continuously hurts yourself. It is as if you are the punching bag and fear keeps hitting you over and over again until finally you let go of all the pain and fight. Then you break free.

So, let go of fear, listen to your higher self, balance holding yourself to high expectations and giving yourself credit where it is due, be aware of the way you communicate with yourself and the way you hold yourself physically, recognize when you silence yourself and don’t speak your mind and be kind to yourself and grateful for any experience that helped you grow. Confidence truly does feel amazing. Break Free. And remember there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. Confidence comes from love, Arrogance comes from fear. Your soul will know which one you are accessing.

Thank you for reading and for your connection! I hope this helps you on your journey! -Ace

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