What A Time To Be Alive

Hello, readers! Thank you for reading this and for your connection! I hope this helps you be fearless and free!

Let’s dive into the power of our frequency, vibration and energy. Especially right now; it is super important.

I’ve been reading and loving Bringers of Dawn by Barbara Marciniak. It really is amazing, I definitely recommend it. It is channeled through the Pleiadians. It is ok if you don’t quite believe in that yet but I encourage you to. Just a few short months ago I didn’t believe in aliens of any kind, now I’m reading words from them! You can change as quickly as you want to. 

No matter how you feel, I feel it is important to share their overwhelming message. This book was written in the 90’s and it is crazy how applicable it is to our times now. It is speaking entirely about what we as a planet, as a collective our going through right now. The main message I receive constantly is how important our vibration is. Their is a shift happening on Earth right now. We are multi dimensional beings. We are way more than just human. 

Every second you get to decide what vibration you live in and put out into the world. I have been feeling how important this is in my soul, it is something I just know. And I have to thank my mom as well, she’s been helping me realize this along the way. 

The higher you vibrate and the higher your frequency the sooner we emerge from this darkness. You can ascend only with a high frequency. The 5th dimension is a real thing, if you want to ascend (which hopefully you do) then you need a high frequency. Even if you don’t believe in 5D at least just continue to spread and live from the highest frequency.

We’ve got to start shining our light, living from light and connecting with other light beings. We must raise our vibration. If you’re reading this a little confused and not quite understanding it that is totally ok and I understand. A few months ago the 5th dimension and ascension seemed absolutely crazy to me. Now, I am ready for it. There is something in my soul that knows it is true. I can’t quite explain it, I just know. To those reading it completely resonating with the words in this article I encourage you to follow it. Vibrate higher, raise your frequency and do your part to be the light. 

I don’t know if I’m alone in this but, I’ve been feeling less and less desire to be on my device, less tolerance for sugar of any kind, less tolerance for fake food (as in not real food such as vegetables, fruit, legumes and grains) an overall urge to do my part more, little to no tolerance for satellite television, a huge urge and desire to dream deeply with the Universe showing me everything I need to know through them and a strong yearning to astral travel.

I am letting go of anything that lowers my vibration such as fear, anger, annoyance and sadness. I am the light, I am a high frequency. I ask my higher self, the Universe and Spirit to show me signs that I am on the right path and to guide me along this journey of spreading my light and love. I encourage you to do the same whenever you are ready.

Thank you for reading this. I hope it helps you on your journey. I know it isn’t my best writing but I just felt it was an urgent message I needed to get out and share. I guess it is more of an open journal entry. I am not perfect, nor is any one of us. I need to work on certain things that bring my frequency down. I am ready. Thank you for your connection and your high vibration. Let’s Ascend! And do anything and everything in your power to raise your vibration, frequency and energy. Sending lots of love always – Ace

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