Hello readers!! I am so excited to take you behind the scenes in this Q&A!! But, before I get started here, if you haven’t seen my sophomore video album, FREEDOM, click the link below. This article will just make no sense if you don’t.


When did you make this album?

So, three days after I released IMAGINE + REALITY on October 15th, I had this strange feeling that I should make a video. That video is Shine, and boy was it really hard to make. It was too soon after making 17 videos for IMAGINE + REALITY and trying to come up with all different slides, quotes, words and images was really tricky; I wasn’t in the creative zone. So, I took a week off but the same thing happened, I got that strange feeling to make a video 🤪 so I made Unique. That time I wrote the words first and then designed the video which made it a little easier. At that point, I was like, “What am I doing? Am I making an album?” In the back of my mind I knew the answer was, yes. So, a week after I made Unique, I made Know In My Soul, and then a week after that I made 8 videos in four days, completing this album. Once I got in the creative zone, it came together super fast.

Your release date was 1/11 and there 11 tracks, coincidence?

No. So, I had decided on 11 tracks as I was making the album and once I finished it, I was looking at dates. And then 1/11 jumped out at me and I knew I had to pick that date. I finished making this album in early November and waiting all the way to January was tough, but I had a lot of other fun projects that kind of held me over. And 11 has always been a big number in my family, when I pay attention to time I very often see 1:11 or 11:11, so it felt right.

20 Questions is pretty different from the rest, what gave you the idea to do a video of only questions?

I was watching some of my older videos and they had questions in them, I thought that was a really good idea so I ran with it. I personally, love asking and answering questions. I think there is a misconception of the fear around “what will someone think if I ask this” or “how am I supposed to answer this”. I think that is ridiculous, obviously, use good judgement and don’t ask something that will offend or hurt the person, but if you ask a good question, you shouldn’t be afraid of how someone will react. You tried to start a good conversation and to get a different opinion and there is nothing wrong with that. And in answering questions it is all about honesty, I think the only wrong answer is lying, as long as you’re honest and true to yourself, any answer is perfect. So, I wanted this video to be about asking your soul, your higher self, where you are at. There is no wrong answer, just be honest and see what your soul responds with, then you’ll know what you need to improve or work on. It is one of my favorite videos and I think it is a good way to gauge where you are at, this video is about strengthening your relationship with your soul on this journey we call life.

This album is called FREEDOM, why? And when did you title the album?

I titled it about halfway through making the album, I was debating either Alive or Freedom. I don’t think there is a specific reason for the title, I mean if 2020 taught us anything, it taught us that we don’t live in a free world and freedom can only be found from within. I discovered freedom some time ago and it truly changed my life, after holding onto fear for so many years, letting go of it all was an amazing awakening. I guess the purpose of this album is to encourage and help you do the same!

Do you compare IMAGINE + REALITY and FREEDOM?

I think, this is going to sound weird but, hear me out, they are too different to compare. I know, essentially they are the same thing, but the process, the themes, the way they flow together, the format of the album, the way they were designed, the special effects and the music is completely different. I don’t compare them, I think without IMAGINE + REALITY, FREEDOM wouldn’t have been possible and FREEDOM, in a way, builds off of IMAGINE + REALITY making those videos stand out more. I think in this album there are more vivid themes to the videos, not to say that’s better or worse, I think it is just different. Often when I was making videos for IMAGINE + REALITY, I had no idea what they would be about, I’d just sit down and make a video. This time around, I’d write them first in my journal and then create the slides and design for the video, so there was more structure. Overall, they look the same, but if you dive in, they are completely different and the process of making them was equally different.

So, Hello Future is about ascension. What message do you hope people get out of that video?

The purpose of that video is to remind you that whatever you think will be your future, will be your future. IMAGINE + REALITY was all about your imagination creating your reality so, this video is a little reminder of that. There is true freedom in knowing you create your entire life and the world you live in, so this video is all about my beliefs for the future. To some, ascension may seem far fetched or crazy, but so is believing the government is actually looking out for your health.

Talk about Passion, what stands out in that video?

In 2020, I found my purpose, at least what it is right now. My purpose is to help raise the vibrational frequency of this planet. Whether that’s through videos, writing, or just my experiences of overcoming fear and becoming free – that is always my goal with my work, to raise the vibration. So, in this video I wanted to really dive into purpose and passion. I had a friend who once told me that it was just her passion and not something she could chase or pursue and I was confused to say the least, in my head I was like, “So, you can pursue something you don’t enjoy and something you’re passionate about gets pushed to the side?” I know in my soul that your purpose is your passion, I mean would the Universe really make your purpose unpleasant? No, the Universe is always loving and supporting you. Purpose has always been hard for me to discuss but, in this video it came super naturally, probably because I am more connected to mine now than ever. I hope to encourage you to dive into the depths of your soul to discover your purpose, your passion.

Know In My Soul, you say there is a pattern to that video, what is that?

Yes, Know In My Soul was kind of the first video that I had plan for in this album. You’ll notice there is a profound thought and then the next slide explains why that profound thought is true. That pattern just repeats itself throughout the video. I titled it Know In My Soul because all of these profound thoughts are things I know in my soul to be 1,000% true. Maybe in your soul you might not agree 100% but, in my soul, I know it’s so so true. I think it is so important to be in touch with your beliefs because whatever you believe will come to be in you reality.

Being has kind of a deep meaning, what’s your take on that video?

It’s funny, for some reason I was super into the thought of just being. I think if we all were more comfortable just being with ourselves, our true self not the other fake versions we sometimes put on, we’d be in a much different world. There is a lot of fear in the world right now because we don’t go inside enough and determine what we think to be true or how we want to live our lives, too many of our thoughts are pre-determined by outside sources that do not care about our well being at all. So, this video is about knowing yourself and sitting with your soul, you should be so comfortable with your soul, more than anyone else. And it is ok if you aren’t there yet, this video is your sign to get to know yourself better!

What is your favorite video on the track and why?

Empower. I love Empower, I wrote this video as something to watch when maybe you’re feeling a little down and you need something to empower you. This video is all about who you truly are, your inner strength, all the power within you and all the love that encapsulates your being. The greatest gift we can give to each other is the ability to lift each other up, we are all connected and often we spend too much time judging and bringing each other down rather than having compassion and being our best self that totally has the ability to empower others. When we give something we always get more of it in return, that is just how the Universe works. If we knew our power and our strength and if we united together and stood up for what we believe in, no one and no organization would have any power over us. I took that question a little far but the point is, believe in yourself and remember you are truly amazing! Side note – what I also love about this video is the music, it is just so soothing.

What do you think the people’s favorite track is?

Um, I don’t know. To anyone reading this, go comment now with your favorite track!! I’d love to hear. If I had to guess based off the videos that have been most watched and the comments people have left, I’d say Passion or Shine. Passion because it’s a huge topic that needs to be talked about more and Shine because it’s the first video 🤪.

How did you feel making the final video, Alive?

Bittersweet again, I think I had that same response when I answered this question about IMAGINE + REALITY. I was ready to be done though, the album was so complete after this video. But it was also sad, I had three videos done and the last eight I finished in four days. I truly enjoy the video-making process once I am in the creative zone so, when I woke up the next morning after finishing the album, it was kind of sad to not go sit down and make a video. Bittersweet is definitely the best way to describe it.

The people seemed to really like your descriptions underneath each video, why did you do those little write ups about each one?

When I’m listening to a new album, I like to know all the details about the songs, the lyrics, how it came together or anything behind the scenes about it. So, I knew I wanted my viewers to know the whole story of each video, it makes the videos more alive. I wrote descriptions under each video in IMAGINE + REALITY too, so it wasn’t a decision really, I knew I was just going to do it. I’m really glad people connected with it, it truly means a lot that they took the time to read each one and dive into the entirety of this project, thank YOU!!!!! I’d be lying if I said it was only for the people 😂, I actually enjoy writing those too.

Any future albums?

Last time I was asked this question after my debut album’s release, I honestly wasn’t sure and I was kind of leaning to the answer “no”. But look where that got me, I think I made Shine the day that Q&A was released! 😂 So, I feel like if I say no here that would be a lie, let’s go with yes, there will be another album but not quite yet.

And that is it for today’s Q&A! If you have any questions you’d like me to answer about this album just comment below! And please do comment with your thoughts on the album and your favorite video! It would mean so so much to me and I’d love to hear! I hope you guys enjoy this album and the Q&A, hopefully FREEDOM inspires you and encourages you to be free and alive! Thank you for reading this and watching the tracks on the album, I appreciate you! Be fearless and free -Ace

14 responses to “FREEDOM – Q&A”

  1. Absolutely wonderful. I love how you have created this post in an engaging way. You are able to split into two aspects of yourself asking questions back and forth as part of the same being. I enjoyed reading this, great work. I resonate with what you say from your heart to mine. ❤🙏

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  2. This is such a good post! I love how you came up with your album title and it’s really cool to see what inspired you with the different pieces. I’m excited for potential future projects ❤️❤️

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    • Awe thank you so much Cait!! I’m really glad you liked it, your thoughtful words and support always mean so much!! You’re so kind, blessed to have connected! Much love friend 🤍🤍

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  3. It was quite interesting to read of the process behind the making of your videos and the tremendous amount of thought that went into each! I love how each video has it’s own unique theme and I think 20 Questions was a fairly interesting idea to build on! Looking forward to more albums soon!💕

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    • Thank you so much for reading and appreciating! Your support means so much, I’m very glad to hear that! Here’s to the future!!!! Spirit hugs my friend 🤗🤗💛

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