Light + Darkness

Light, I see you. Darkness, I see you. Light, I thank you for my unique version of you, for bringing beautiful lights my way and for shining so strongly! Darkness, I thank you for making yourself crystal clear this year, for making the light even stronger and for having no control over me! Light, I feel you in every piece of my being, I feel you within love and I feel you in the words I write. Darkness, I feel you in anything mainstream, I feel you losing your power and I feel you being in people’s lives to help them grow and shine their light even stronger. Light, you have my trust, belief and soul. Darkness, you have my forgiveness, farewell and light that blurs you out. Light, you know me because you are me. Darkness, you know that 2020 has brought you to light and made you weak. Light, you’re changing the world. Darkness, you’re changing the world. Light, I AM you and I believe in you. Darkness, I AM saying goodbye to you and my eyes, soul, heart, intuition and the entirety of my being will no longer give you any attention.

Be fearless and free -Ace

33 responses to “Light + Darkness”

    • Awe thank you so much Cait!!! Exactly, so well said. Your support, love, kindness, thoughtfulness, connection and friendship means the world to me! Big hugs to you my true soul friend 💛🤗

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  1. Well expressed, accepting the light that you are and rejecting the darkness that attempts to put out your light. This is a conscious decision, one does not get there by accident! What you recognize or put your attention on, you energize. So, I loved when you stated, you will no longer give darkness your attention. Wonderful! keep shining and lighting the path!

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    • Awe thank you so much!! This kind, thoughtful, loving and light-filled comment makes my day!! Yes exactly, that was the message I was hoping to get across. You’re awesome, I always so appreciate connecting with you 🖤🤗


  2. Oh my, I love it….the impact of this poem is indescribable….I’m unable to find the right words….I’ve already read it several times….to “inhale” the essence….”my eyes, soul, heart, intuition and the entirety of my being will no longer give you any attention”…You’re amazing Ace!

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    • Awww Navin, thank you so so much! I am unable to find the right words to describe my full gratitude!! You are so thoughtfully kind and your special connections mean more than I can ever say!!! So grateful for you, my amazing friend. You inspire me 🖤🤗

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