I could be bitter

I could be sweet

I could be salty

I could be your treat

I could be whatever you want me to be

It’s all perception

I know who I am

And that’s no misconception

I hope you’ll see me for me, the light

But even if you don’t, won’t be crying at night

I’m so proud of me for knowing my flavor

Each piece of me I savor

And if you don’t appreciate my taste

My time I won’t waste

No hard feelings

We’re not supposed to be on this path

It’s simple math

1+1 isn’t 0, it’s 2

The Universe is right on que

I see me through and through

Someone will too

And they’ll become my crew


I really love this piece, it’s been in my head for a few days and I finally decided to jot it down! I formatted it differently too, I don’t know, this felt a little different than most of my poems. Inspired by lyrics in a song, this one is simple but deep and I love the way self love comes through so powerfully. I hope this helps you on your journey, be fearless and free!

37 responses to “flavor”

    • Awe GG, thank you so much!! I’m glad to hear that and am truly touched by your love and support!! My heart and soul get so excited to see your name pop up in my notifications!!! Haha, you’re awesome! Hugs and love 💛🤗


    • Awe thank you so much Cait!!! I’m so glad to hear that and it means a lot to me. Your support, encouragement and love truly touch my soul!!!!! Hugs and love friend 🖤🤗

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  1. Lovely message Grace!
    This line…. so good.

    “We’re not supposed to be on this path

    It’s simple math

    1+1 isn’t 0, it’s 2”
    It does feel different from your other poems. A beautiful smorgasbord of different Flavors!

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