Living Thoughts

Lost in thought

I’m caught

Caught between love and the unknown

My little mind wants me to scurry

Love makes sure I don’t worry

Little mind why do I let you in

Little mind at least I don’t listen

Higher Self thank you for sticking with me

And letting me be

The person I am and the person I am becoming

My thoughts travel

Wonder if someone heard that

My mind isn’t a doormat It doesn’t fall flat

My mind is alive

Like an airplane

Transporting thought after thought

To the Universe

To Souls

And to Spirits guiding me

Little Me thank you for helping me grow

Higher Self thank you for sticking with me

And waiting till I was ready to fully trust

I must

Let you go little mind

You served your purpose

Your games will never beat me again

I am fearless

I am free

Leave me be

And if you ever try to come back

I’ll stay on track

You won’t even take space in my brain

Like the rain

You’ll fall

Higher Self you are my sun

Shining brightly all the time

Nourishing my body, mind, soul and aura

You raise my vibration


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