Eyes: Windows To The Soul

Hello readers! I hope this helps you become fearless and free! Enjoy!

Our eyes do so much for us. They give us the ability to see, to perceive and to experience. They are vehicles or windows into who people really are. You can just see who a person really is based off their eyes. I think we do this subconsciously for I didn’t realize just how much I look into people’s eyes to make my first impression of someone. It gets interesting when you start to think about if your mind is controlling and manipulating what your eyes see, even deeper, if your soul, higher self or the Universe are manipulating and controlling what you see. In that case, I think it is a good thing. The Universe is always supporting you so even if maybe it shows you something you may not want to see, take it as a friendly warning. However, if your little mind is controlling what you see it is not a good thing. We’ll get into this more later on.

First thing you notice when you look into someone’s eyes is the color. Or at least it is that way for me. Your eye color represents specific things and personality traits. You might think that is absurd and crazy. But think about it, if only 2% of people on the planet have green eyes do you think that just doesn’t say anything? And I believe we choose everything in our lives and that there is a purpose. I don’t think it is a coincidence what date we are born, what time, what gender and even what eye color.

People with green eyes are said to be passionate, curious, incredibly loving and very creative. However, they can struggle with jealousy. People with blue eyes are said to be calm, peaceful, knowledgable, and have long lasting relationships of any kind. With that being said, they struggle with being a tad egocentric and maybe too competitive. People with brown eyes are said to be independent, confident, determined and trustworthy. However, they struggle with separating themselves from the pack. I could go on and on with eye colors. These are just the most popular. I am not saying this it and the only answer, there is more to the eyes.

You can stare into people’s eyes and you’ll just know inside of you what they show you. I think eye contact is more important now than ever. I don’t even want to say this, but with the increasing use of facial coverings our faces, expressions and reactions are being taken away from us. For right now we only have our eyes to connect with people. I say for right now because they are trying to take our eyes away from us too. When I say they, let’s just say I mean the darkness. Look for the people who look you in the eye. We need to take more time and effort to look people in the eye and to look at our surroundings. With the increasing use of phones, tablets, computers etc. lots of people are zoned in on their devices. I encourage you, look around! Look up, look down, look left, look right, look in front, look behind and look people in the eye. You could have a whole conversation with someone using only your eyes to speak. You could make someone’s day just by looking them in the eye. You could meet a person who will remain in your life forever based off one moment you chose to look that person in the eye. The possibilities are endless.

Anyways, I got a little off topic there. But, you can see emotions based off someone’s eyes. Sadness, joy, aliveness, content, peace, bored, dead looking, I mean I could go on and on. There are two ways to approach this; if you can tell based off someone’s eyes that the person is sad or down you can lift them up and add to their frequency or leave them be and focus on your frequency. You’ll know what to do based off the energy coming off the person and what your higher self and soul are telling you. It is a gut thing, something in you will know and there is no right or wrong. However if someone, based off their eyes seem to be joyful and in good spirits connect with them. If you’re down, the person can help raise your frequency. I’m not saying that only an outside person can lift your frequency, that is far from the truth. I am just saying connect. Human interaction is so important especially now. You never know what can happen.

Most importantly, be in control of your eyes, your windows to your soul. Your energy, frequency, vibration, emotions and soul control the way your eyes look. Look yourself in the eye, be the commander of your ship. Don’t let your little mind control the ways your eyes look. Let your soul be in command; to do that you must let go of fear.

Being a serious tennis athlete, 95% of the time my opponent and I make our own calls. This can be frustrating when you’re playing someone who is so eager to win, they’ll be dishonest, lie, cheat etc. This is just my experience, I’m not being mean or judging that person. It just happens in competition and I accept that. I’ve learned over the years how to deal with it and not let it effect me or my game. I had a coach once tell me a long time ago, “Sometimes, people convince themselves so much that they actually see it that way. Sometimes, they’re not purposely cheating, they just honestly see it that way and nothing could change their mind.”

I definitely didn’t quite understand what he was saying at the time but now I do. Sometimes your little mind can heavily influence the way you see things. You must be aware of this and see it; which can be challenging. But once you become aware of it, you can break the habit. Even better, you can do a complete 360 and let the Universe influence the way you see things.

I hope this helps you on your journey! Thank you so much for reading and for your connection! Always remember, eyes are windows to the soul, to the Universe. -Ace

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