Journey of the Courageous Heart

Hello readers! Thank you so much for your connection and for reading. I hope this helps you be fearless and free! Enjoy!

The mind and the heart, as seemingly different as they may be, they are our superpowers. I talk about the soul and the higher self a lot, I think of it as the being inside of us that uses the best parts of our mind, heart and intuition to create the reality we want. The mind is the thinker, the logical side. The heart is the free spirit, the one that feels. Your intuition is the the combination of both the heart and the mind with little nudges from the Universe helping you trust it. I believe if you can learn to balance your mind, heart and intuition while trusting the Universe and your soul then you can can create the life you want in complete harmony.

Follow your heart, this may be scary at first for it may tell you to let go of certain things and to take risks in other things. You might start to question and follow your mind instead. There is nothing wrong with your mind, it is super powerful. But that little mind of your’s can start to mess with you. It will tell you it is too hard, or too scary or that you’re crazy to believe your heart is guiding you in your life. There will be a moment in your life when you won’t even pay attention to that voice and you’ll tune it out completely. You will break free.

That voice will never go away. That little mind, the fear will always try to get you. There is no reason to be mad at this. That little voice lets you grow and shine, shows you how to be fearless and gives you the most satisfying feeling in the world when you tune it out; freedom. Without that fearful little voice, you’d have no challenge in life and a life without challenges creates a low frequency and no space to evolve and grow. Each day you are living courageously for everyday that fearful voice in the back of your head tries to get you but you choose not to listen and to be courageous instead. The day you become grateful for that little voice in your head will be the day you truly break free. Once you tune it out, you won’t look back. Your heart, higher self/soul, intuition and the Universe will have your trust forever.

Your heart is so pure, so loving. There is so much more to our lives than school, work, money, bills and licenses. We don’t just eat, work and sleep. All of that is like living in a prison without bars. Everyone on this planet has a purpose. You may push it down for years and years or convince yourself that your purpose is too foolish to pursue. Or maybe you just listen to the wrong voices. But one thing is for sure, the longer you don’t live your purpose, your passion, you’ll be unhappy and always missing something. Your heart will never feel full and your soul won’t feel complete. One day it will all come crashing down and you’ll hit your breaking point. The Universe will be cheering! It’ll say, “He/She finally figured it out!”

Once you hit that point, the point where you realize you are ready to start living your life with purpose, joy, freedom, love and courage you must pursue it. Do not let that feeling go. Your heart will guide you to living your purpose. It will help you through every step of the journey. It is up to you to trust it.

As you’re reading this you might be wondering, “How do I trust my heart, how does it guide, how does it show me what to do?” That is a simple answer, you will just know. The combination of your mind, intuition, higher self, soul and the Universe will all come together and your heart will provide you with feelings and strong emotions. These feelings and emotions are the way your heart speaks. Our emotions are our secret weapons, they are not weakness or something we can forever just push down. Every moment we live we have emotion, we have feelings about the moment. You might not be aware of them but they are there. Once you have the courage to dive deep into your feelings, then your heart will conspire and present you with miracle after miracle.

Before I end this article I want to make clear, your heart, mind, higher self, soul and intuition are all the same thing. They may seem different and each do different things for you but essentially they are the same thing. You are the Universe, the Universe is you. Everything is made by the Universe especially including you. The key to life, or at least one of them is to learn to trust them all because that is when you’ll trust the Universe completely. Let go of the fear and give into the love. Because the love, the Universe, will always love and support you; once you can see that, the reality you create will be filled with true magic and miracles.

Thank you for reading! I hope this helps you on your journey! Be courageous and follow your heart. -Ace

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