IMAGINE + REALITY – Lead Single Out Now!!!!

9. The Bridge In Between – 2:05

My lead single is finally out! This video is such a valuable part of this album. In between IMAGINE and REALITY (the album is broken up into 8 IMAGINE videos, 1 in between and 8 REALITY videos) this video is an honest journey of realizing your power to imagine your reality. I’ll be honest I was putting this one off for a bit because it seemed a little daunting. When I make videos, I like to just let it flow and see what I come up with but for this one I knew I needed to make this in between IMAGINE and REALITY so figuring how to do that was challenging. In the end it was oh so worth it, I love this video. I see it as a journey of you and the Universe getting to know each other and working with each other. I feel it ties everything together. We all know that moment when you feel you’re doing everything right and you’re trying to manifest but something isn’t working. That is when the Universe comes in and reminds you to be fearless. This video captures that. I love the song too; I’d been wanting to use that song for a while and it just wasn’t fitting but when I played it with this video it was a perfect match. 

Thank you for watching! I hope this gives you a taste of the album! I’m so excited to share it with you, we’re getting close to release time! But first, my track list for the album will be released on October 8th. And then the album on October 15th!! Comment with your thoughts on this video! Be fearless and free -Ace

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