I’ve found my escape
Back to the place
That wraps its energy around me
In a big warm embrace
There’s a certain grace
It leaves a trace
On my heart and soul
Makes me feel whole
I hear the voice in my head
Telling me, this is home
As I let my being roam
The trees wave hello
The wind says a silent nice to see you
The mountains enclose me
And I couldn’t have more joy about it
For a second, the dream comes to a split
I feel as though this is the only real spot
That’s not just a thought
It’s a knowing in my gut
I truly feel alive
Like there’s no option but to thrive
My mind is a symphony
My heart is smiling
My intuition is talking to me so loud and clear
All fear in the rear
Remembering that this life is for me to ace
I embrace this grace

37 responses to “grace”

    • Thank you so much Cait! Your touching words means so much to me, especially from one of my favorite writers! Big hugs and love to you, I always look forward to connecting with you 🖤🤗

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    • Thank you so much! This comment was spammed by WP for some reason, sorry for this late response!!! Your support and kind words truly mean the world to me, you’re awesome!!! Big hugs and love to you 💛🤗


  1. Living this life so alive to the miracles it is, often makes it feel more like a dream. And then we pinch ourselves to find ourselves awake and full of gratitude and awe for the grace, wisdom and intuition available. Pure and heart full of joy :))))

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    • Awe yes, that is so incredibly well said!! I completely agree and was hoping to get that message across!!! Thank you for your loving support and thoughtful words, much appreciated as always! Big love 🖤

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