My Intuition’s Reminder

We are all elastic; reaching out and pulling back, being open and closed or guarding our hearts and then letting it bleed onto the pages of our unwritten books. We’ve been stretched by life and its rollercoasters but, shaped back into our strong form through the will of our souls, the love of the Universe and the determination of our inner flame.

We bend and break, we love and trust, we snap and shake, we tighten and strengthen; we live and learn. This life is not for staying stagnant, this life is for making mistakes, rising up, trying new things, diving into portals, realizing potential and achieving dreams. Perfection is the little mind’s illusion, overthinking is a trap, anxiety is the wizard’s evil trick and fear is the hurdle we jump to transform.

To every soul out there: This life is your soul’s mission! You chose to be here right now and you are exactly where you need to be on your path! This journey may be long some days and short on others, but, no matter what, the Universe is always here supporting you, loving you and nudging you along. Trust your gut, stay true to your heart, follow the signs, align with the frequency of love and be the fearless and free soul you truly are!

Love, Ace

37 responses to “My Intuition’s Reminder”

    • Aww you make my day!!! Thank you so much, dear friend!!! I’m always so touched by your overflowing love and support, means more than words can say!!! Appreciate you!!! Much love 🖤🤗✨

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  1. Another Excellent piece Ace! I love it! So motivational. I completely agree with you on the elastic analogy. That first line completely lured me in and had me reading so fast, I had to read it
    Thanks again for providing this mind nourishing post my friend.❤️

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  2. Yes my dear Ace, we bend and we break and put ourselves back together stronger than before. Like the Japanese art of Kintsugi, when they use gold to fuse the pieces together. I’ve fractured so many times my entire being is gold lol 😆 and that’s how the Light shines through. Beautifully worked sister, love you 🥰

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    • Aww thank you so much!! Ah haha, I understand…there’s such beauty in the cracks and bends, it’s where we grow. Words can’t express how much I appreciate you, your support and your always thoughtful comments – so truly touched! Love you, sis 🖤🖤🤗

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    • Aww thank YOU!!! I’m so glad to hear that!! I appreciate you, dear friend!!! Your continuous support always leaves me so touched and grateful! Hugs and love 🖤🤗

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  3. Again, I agree with your words, Ace. So profound and so many truths in every sentence! Love the power that words can weave and YOU, my dear Ace, do this brilliantly!! Stay blessed and keep the motivation coming❤️❤️🌹🤗

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    • Aww thank you so much, Diana!!! You’re always so kind! I’m deeply touched by your kind words, loving support and encouragement – means more than words can say! And awwww…that means a lot coming from such a powerful writer like yourself!!!! Much love, dear friend 🖤🤗


  4. Ace! As you know I was on a hiatus and now reading all your post is like so tranquillising! You are amazing dear friend.
    Don’t let it amazing-ness ever fade

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    • Riya!!!!! Ahhh I’m so glad you’re back!!! I missed you!!! I was hoping you’d comment as I love connecting with you!! Awww, you’re AMAZING!! That makes my day!!! And I’ll make sure it never does 😊! Congrats on 100 followers!! I loved your diary series and the honesty, such beautiful work!!!! The WP community is so lucky to have you, my friend!!! 🖤🤗

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  5. Aww… perfect reminder for each one of us, Ace! “letting it bleed onto the pages of our unwritten books” – I love thisss! You always write such amazing posts!! 👏👏✨

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    • Aww Alina, thank you so much!!!! Aww you’re awesome, I appreciate you!!! Words can’t express how touched I am by all the love, connection and support you’ve shown me – you’re a wonderful friend!!! Much love 🖤🤗

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