Speaking To The Infinite Universe In Me

Is life happening to me? Or am I happening to life?

Life, is simply a series of moments and choices shaped, created and lived through perception. Nothing just happens, there is a reason and a purpose for everything. There’s so much more to life than this experience of life in the 3D view. You chose to be here, you are me and I am you; you are infinite. You are not bound by labels, limits or false beliefs; you are love. Your soul is the fire inside lighting the way. Your soul is the being in your head who’s voice rings loud and deep, it’s the only true one up there. Your soul has created this reality you “live” in. YOU are the game maker, the life creator and the dream director. Your soul is timeless, eternal and divine – it’s you, the real YOU.

Experiences are upon your creation. Every thought you think, every word you speak or don’t speak, and every call you make to your soul gets answered through experiences. In this life, your soul’s voice comes through emotion and experiences. You are speaking to your soul in every second you’re alive, because you are your soul. Nothing in your life is an accident or a mistake, those are just labels. Whatever you’ve gone through, whatever you’re going through and whatever you go through – is meant to be, I promise. This life was your choice, this moment is your creation and your future is destiny’s past. Your touch has the power to illuminate, your eyes have the magic to truly see, your heart has the love to dream and your intuition has the knowing to write your entire reality from the very beginning to the end, if ends exist.

Yes, YOU are happening to life.

I frequently talk out loud to myself, more as a conversation with the Universe in my head – my higher self. And recently I was talking and I heard myself say the phrase, “Is life happening to me or am I happening to life?” I knew the answer right away, I knew I’m happening to life. But, I definitely knew I wanted to elaborate on it in my writing. So, here we are. I wrote the question and I basically just let my higher self answer; like a channeling. In a way I feel like I wrote it, but, in most ways I feel like something came through me and wrote it – my higher self. There are some lines here that I’m sure I’ll definitely come back and read many times. I hope this helps you on your journey and reminds you that your reality, life and destiny is in YOUR control!! You’re in the driver’s seat! Be fearless and free -Ace

37 responses to “Speaking To The Infinite Universe In Me”

  1. I love this feeling Axe, to know that I am an active participant of life, not that it all happens to me but BECAUSE of me ❤ Isn’t it so grand?

    Working on my nomination as I write this, sitting under the palm trees out by the lake, in the SoFlo sunshine 😎🏝💛🧡

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    • It is so grand!!! It’s freeing!! Thank you so much for your thoughtful words and always loving support, means so so much to me!! Awww I’m so glad to hear that!!! Can’t wait to see it! You’re awesome, truly an inspiration to many!!! Hugs and love, sis 🖤🤗

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  2. “I definitely knew I wanted to elaborate on it in my writing”. LOL. Sometimes I have that epiphany too. There’s an ancient saying that writing skills belong to the literary star. Whenever it shines on you, you write. It’s a magical process. LOL.

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  3. I would call this post ‘The definition of life!!’ An amazing write as always 🥰🥰
    And I could relate with every line here. 🤝
    I am sharing this post to my friend and I really hope she will get answers to her questions. Thanks for this beautiful post dear Ace ❤️ our

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    • Awwww you make my day!!! You’re so kind and such an amazing friend!! I’m so happy to hear that, I hope so too!!! Your support and thoughtful comments always leave me beyond words touched!!! Thank YOU!! Hugs and love 🖤🖤🤗

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  4. Your words have come to me as if grounding reminders from my past self when I used to converse with the Universe similarly, and life flowed as if an answer after answer to each of my query. Currently I am needing reminders of this magic and I am getting them through you. I love your question and it is perhaps the only question to ask that is important enough. It is a rich walk of life when we acknowledge that we are happening to life and life is happening through us. Your writing is incredibly powerful and peaceful to read. I particularly loved how you said – your future is destiny’s past.

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    • Wow, I am so touched and my soul is dancing while reading your incredibly loving comment! I love how you say “rich walk of life”…that’s an excellent way to put it!! Well, you inspire me and I’m eternally grateful that I get to connect with your beautifully divine spirit – you’re truly a gift! That’s my favorite line too 😊. I love and appreciate you – big hugs and so much love, dear friend 🖤🖤🤗

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  5. I love this ❤️. I relate completely to your ‘talking out loud’ conversations with the Universe. It’s such a beautiful and awesome discovery and you describe it so well. ❤️🌺🌻🏵️

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    • Thank you so much, Mairi! Awww I’m so happy to hear that!! Your kind/thoughtful words mean so much to me, especially coming from one of my favorite writers! I like how you call it a discovery…it truly is magical! I’m always touched by your support, hugs and love 🖤🤗

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  6. A post that I think is very relevant to the current times and life. Beautiful advice right here!!! Loved it, Ace!!You should come on talk shows and share these amazing words.. It would help alot of people out there! Stay blessed dear. 🤗❤️🙏🌹😊🎁

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    • Aww thank you so much, Diana!!! You are so sweet, maybe one day! Your comments and overflowing support brighten my days, bring a huge smile to my face and always leave me so truly touched – how did I get so lucky in connecting with such an amazing soul like yourself?!? 😊 Appreciate you, much love 🖤🤗


    • Awww Cait!!!!! Thank you so much!! You’re amazing, dear friend!!! Words really can’t express how much your support means to me!!! I am well, thank you! Hope you’re well too!!! Hugs and love 🖤🤗

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