If life was a bookshelf
And we were all our own book
I’d be more than myself
You’d be more than a look

When a story begins
I read the words you show me
And when I read beyond the skins
You write what you think we’ll be

We’ll get to the climax, good or bad
The details are a little different than before
Straight to the falling action, happy or sad
But the structure always has the same core

Every time I get to an ending chapter
I’m more at peace, a little less stressed
I wonder if you’re just an attending actor
I wonder if this is all just a lifelong test

So, when I picked your book off the shelf
I didn’t know how long you’d be in my book
But I was ready to leap, ready to test myself
I got the best ending of all, I’m more than a look


Author’s Note – I’ve been pondering this idea for quite some time now; this perspective has so many different angles to it. I’m sure I’ll continue to play with it in the future too :-).

Writing, reading, storytelling, and books in general are some of the most special things in life – there’s something that resonates so deeply when mixing them with our human lives. So cheers to the stories we’re creating and reading in every moment!

31 responses to “the skins”

  1. I just love this and to think about relationships, books that cross our lives. Some we devour and treasure forever, some were just perfect for the time we read them, all of us as books intersecting, getting to know each other…and some we can pick up again and again, and they always speak to us. Beautiful Grace, an amazing perspective beautifully developed in your poem. 🌹❤️🦋

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    • Awww Karima, your comments are seriously the best! Your thoughtfulness here means the absolute world to me. That was exactly the message I was hoping to convey, and you described it so beautifully…thank you for sharing. Grateful for you and your support, always and in all ways 🤍🤍🤗🤗


  2. What a beautiful though, Grace! Loved the idea of bookshelf. That’s what’s in our destiny. Some goes inside the book of history, and some goes inside the book of memories. So we all live in one form or another. A thought provoking piece indeed 👌🥀💖

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  3. “Straight to the falling action, happy or sad…But the structure always has the same core”…such beautiful lines…how magnificently & metaphorically you’ve written this profound poem, Grace ✨

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  4. I’ve often thought of all of us like an interactive google doc! I really like your ideas in this, and it made me think about how we are all the same at the core, we all struggle and have to go through character growth, it’s actually beautiful that we all have our own stories! The rhyme works well in this too, enjoyed!! 💓📚👏👏

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