The whoosh
of turning a crisp page
The whirl
of setting an invisible stage

The rustle
of wind running through a tree
The tumble
of waves washing on the sea

The silence
of roots tunneling into the earth
The whisper
of a season’s new birth

The meaning of sound
hits us round and round
It’s something we let pass us by
yet we know inside it will always fly

In every moment you look
there’s a song to hear
In every lesson we took
was a harmony so clear

My name is grace
but my sound has a different pace
A verse without labels or forms
and a chorus with peaceful storms


38 responses to “storms”

  1. Awesome, Beautiful, Terrific, Amazing are just some of the words coming from top of my head🙈This beautiful piece is a site to behold. I love those last four lines Grace. I mean , Absolutely Fabulous 😘😍A true masterpiece😊💯💯💯

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  2. Sounds are so important in our lives and your beautiful descriptions brought them alive in my ears. We don’t realize how much of what we call reality is sound…until for some reason, we can not hear it. Every single example you used was like a trigger for me to hear it, from waves to “the whisper of the season’s new birth” what a treat for the senses you have shared today with all of us, Grace… I just love this piece.❤️🌹❤️


    • Aww Karima, thank you for this thoughtful comment. I am so lucky to be deeply read by you 🤗. I love how you say “we don’t realize how much of what we call reality is sound” – YES!!! I wholeheartedly agree with you. Aww I’m so happy to hear you loved this, means the world to me. That line is one my favorites too 😊. Thank you as always for being so supportive, I appreciate you dear friend 🤍🤗


  3. This is a stunning piece, both in form and meaning. All the verses have a special rhythm, a sound that resonates with readers. The message conveyed is great. In every moment you look there’s a song to hear…so well said! Let’s listen to the sound of waves within and around us. The last stanza is simply superb. A masterpiece indeed, Grace 👌😊💖

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    • Awwww KK!!! “A masterpiece” from you means more than I can put into words, thank you so much!! I’m so very grateful for this touching comment, you are so truly kind. Here’s to listening to those waves together (I love how perfectly you said that 😊). Thank you for always being there and bringing a big smile to my heart 🤗🤍🤗🤍

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  4. In this busy world many people fail to pay attention to the sounds around them. They are completely lost in there own thoughts. But if you pause and pay attention to these sounds it’s an ethereal feeling ✨️ Excellent piece Grace 🙌 the different sounds of nature have been presented in a rhythmic way which makes it even more beautiful 😇
    Well done sister😇

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    • Aww thank you so much, dearest Jeff!! Makes me so truly happy to hear you loved this one. Your special comments always leave me so touched, much appreciated 🤍🤗


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