We talk about emotions
All the inner explosions
But there’s a spark we sometimes forget
The hormones we just call “sweat”

The natural ignitions of words we can’t describe
Yet we run to something someone can prescribe
Do you remember what makes you feel alive?
Or has that become a memory used to survive?

I’ll add a little personal touch
Dopamine isn’t my crutch
But I live my life fueled to fly
A heart generated high

I train, compete and create
I listen, work and debate
All of a different adrenaline
A blend of my own feminine

A rush breaking through your own wall
A thrill getting up after every fall
It goes way past winning
Like a new way of grinning

I love the drip of sweat rolling down
I know that adrenaline is around
I love the breath that leads to a smile
I know that adrenaline will last a while


Author’s Note – This is almost like a continuing thought from my last piece “athlete mentality”. I talked about “dopamine knocking on the door” in that one and this piece is like the aftermath of that knock. I love my adrenaline rushes throughout my days – all of slightly different kinds to maintain my inner balance/flow. I think we take our natural hormones for granted and forget what a true gift they are…those natural highs are what make us amazingly human and fully alive.

27 responses to “adrenaline”

  1. Love the subject and how you molded it into this fabulous poem..I see I am one poem behind, my Grace,but I will comment on this one first that is fresh in my mind. I am by no means an athlete, but I train for my health..My Ehlers Danlos Syndrome does not allow me to run, but swimming is my sport and I do it regularly and religiously. I love the adrenaline rush, the dopamine topping at the end, but most importantly, you have described it so well from the very inside out:)
    “But I live my life fueled to fly
    A heart generated high”
    Wow this is such a fantastic line. The who piece breathes adrenaline, inspiration, and positivity forward!! You have found the secret recipe for being a woman at her best in every way:
    “I train, compete and create
    I listen, work and debate
    All of a different adrenaline
    A blend of my own feminine”
    Your balance and your energy are absolutely contagious!! Bravo for this adrenaline-packed
    poetry!!❤️🏊‍♀️🎾💃🏻 Much love, Karima

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    • Awww Karima, thank you for this most special comment!!!! You’re never behind my friend, on time is when you get here 😊. Thank you for sharing your passion for swimming! What a special thing in your life, what a balance to the creator you are too! “Heart generated high” is my favorite line too. Awww your energy is absolutely amazingly contagious too!!!! You honestly made my night, loved this comment. Thank you for always being in my corner and diving into my pieces in such a special way, I appreciate you 🤗🤍


  2. Very well said, Grace! Your selection of words are different, but very very appropriate. The hormones we just call “sweat”. I liked it and agree with you that whatever we receive free, we don’t value much. Air is free in atmosphere, but we don’t go out to take fresh breath, but the same air becomes so precious in a ventilator. I liked the theme, words and emotions that you have tied together in this beautiful rhythmic poem! Well penned, Grace, as always 😊💖

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    • Thank you so much, dearest KK!! That’s well said (sad but true 🤪) “whatever we receive free we don’t value much” – thank you for that brilliant addition to this piece! So happy to hear you loved this one, truly means a lot to me. Always brings a smile to see your name in my notifications 😊, appreciate you!!! 🤍🤗

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