true discipline


Drive towards something more
Intuitiveness beats at the core
Strength is a word you define
Character is your own chosen design
Intention, the start of any action
Peace, the success of any interaction
Love to yourself, we often forget
Instincts within, confused as a threat
Natural rhythm flows at the heart
Empowering the mind is true art

Drive inside at who you truly are
Intuitiveness is your shooting star
Strength grows when we let go
Character becomes your glow
Intention sparks with just one thought
Peace surrounds in just one watt
Love is more than external romance
Instinct leads your internal dance
Natural confidence is always yours
Empowering the soul opens all doors

This is true discipline.

Author’s Note – Back to my rhyming roots with this one :-). This is an acrostic (disipline being the word). Discipline is truly one of my favorite things in this world, it’s a deep part of who I am and how I keep the fire within.

I think it gets blurred with many different “motivational quotes” but at its core displine is your choice – your choice to be consistent in honoring yourself. There is no better feeling than staying disciplined and pushing through obstacles, there is no better feeling than surprising yourself.

33 responses to “true discipline”

  1. Acrostics are so much fun. I think this one really highlights the core of who you are. Sometimes we gotta just keep reminding ourselves of who we are and the goals we’re reaching for.

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    • Aww thank you so much, dear friend! What a touching comment, your thoughtful take truly means a lot to me. And yes, I agree 😊…cheers to continuing to know who we are 🤍🤗


  2. Oo, I love how the final two stanzas impart such different meanings despite their shared start! Your words on how discipline relates to you also inspires me, especially your thoughts on how it helps keep you true to yourself and excited about life. ❤

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  3. True this and beautifully said. Divine meditation on a superb mentoring word, Grace! What a gorgeous affirmation of self, while setting a great example for others. 🙏❤️

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  4. Such a positive and energizing acrostic and it all stems from discipline!! I love how you did this, Grace, with great rhyme and also well chosen lines! I agree with Cindy,,This is a Yes! Yes! on all fronts!!
    These two lines I really related to. They grabbed my attention as soon as I read them:
    “Natural rhythm flows at the heart
    Empowering the mind is true art”
    It is an art form not talked about in everyday circles, oh but through self-discipline, if you lean to empower your heart-mind connection, you have created a masterpiece.
    This closing line too made me nod up and down energetically:))
    “Empowering the soul opens all doors”
    That’s the bottom-line Truth. Be ready to walk through:)

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    • Awww Karima, what a precious comment!!! You are truly the best. I love hearing which lines connected with you, and thank you for such empowering words 🤗. I think you know that heart-mind connection well, so it truly means a lot that you felt it in this piece 😊. Appreciate you and your most amazing support, dear friend. Always such a gift to receive your beautiful words 🤍🤗


  5. I think I needed this peppy little poem tonight! I’ve been working on a ghostwriting project and need to remind myself that with discipline and all the empowering confidence that is deep within the word, I can complete any task! Not sure if I will actually be hired for the whole task yet, 😄, but I am hopeful it will work out. I really like the emphasis on intention and instinct you write about, too. I feel any manifestation starts with the intention and then there will always be room to follow instincts when we focus and apply discipline, especially with writing! It’s magical when it all comes together! ✨

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    • Aww Tricia, thank you for this thoughtful comment!!! It’s funny you popped in my mind minutes before I saw your notification! Omg congrats on the opportunity, that’s awesome! I’m so happy this piece came to you at the perfect time!!! And I love what you say about manifestation, I completely agree. Best of luck on the project, I’m sure it’ll work out better than you could imagine! And there’s always discipline to fall back on 😉🤗

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  6. I have read so many acrostic poems, but this is unique and so well meaning Grace! The topic itself is so important that without it, no good is possible. I love your ideas regarding discipline that are so relatable to me too. Thank you, Grace for this inspiring poem😊❤️

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    • Awww KK, you are so kind!!! Thank you, dear friend. I’m so truly touched by your sweet words, brings big smiles inside and out. Thank YOU for always supporting me in the most encouraging way 🤍🤗

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