there are times i’m out of words
and it makes me question
what it means to be a writer
but those speechless times
bring my words to life
it’s in that silence and in that zone
where my words carry weight
there is no word without purpose
a word has a code rooted within
i can sort some syllables
and make sentences rhyme
but there’s nothing more real
than a true word
stacked with another
and flowing into something bigger
yet the truest part of a word
is what it means to me
what it means to you will be different
and that’s the beauty of truth
we awaken our own dreams
maybe that’s why there are people
and there are creators


Author’s Note – I wrote this yesterday in all of 15 minutes, I was in that zone :). And upon catching up on my reader this morning, I realized today is World Poetry Day :). It is a little bit wild to me that when you follow your inner muse, it leads you to exactly what you’re meant to express. If there’s any type of perfection, that is it.

29 responses to “speechless”

  1. Aren’t words amazing? Sometimes there are none…in those highest moment of epiphany or
    or when we go beyond words. I think visiting those wordless states, help us appreciate every one when we return. Without words we can not touch each other far away, or communicate or make a point, or write a poem that might be just what someone was waiting to hear. I think to choose the best words, we need to know the silence:) Your poem beautifully talks of this. Another gem you bring up from your own depths, dear Grace….Bravo!

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    • Aww what a preciously thoughtful comment, dear Karima!! Thank you for your kindness and deep reflections. I love your perception on words, and the way you tie in silence…it hits every point I was hoping to get across :). I can always sense how in touch you are with that “silence” through your words…so this comment especially means so much! Thank you for always deeply reading, you and your always special words inspire me!! Cheers to words and what they teach us 🤍🤗


  2. A lovely piece that ties in so well and so unexpectedly with World Poetry Day! I so love that you discovered after the fact of writing this what today entails for us writers and that these words are so poetic and so free in their narrative. Lovely! ❤

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  3. And the best response to you would be of No Words – for you say everything so exactly for where your note and your poem comes from. The purest form of truth comes out in the most beautiful rhymes from that special kind of silence space that seems not want to say anything really.

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    • Aww you are so thoughtful, my friend!! What a wise and touching comment, I can’t thank you enough! Your reflections mean so very much to me, thank you for being here 🤍🤗

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  4. Am glad you followed your intuition. It happens to me, sometimes I’ve no clue about what is going to happen but my actions soon reveal what was meant to be happening!

    Nice poem though! you spoke your heart and the message resonated with “world’s poetry day”

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  5. As you have written it within 15 minutes, I see your feelings, not words in this poem, coming naturally from the bottom of your heart. And yes, Grace, real and meaningful words germinate from the silence. Words remain the same, but human perspective differs from time to time and place to place. I’m amazed how you have brought it out so meticulously. Belated happy world poetry day, my friend 😊💖

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    • Aww thank you KK, for deeply reading this piece and the emotions behind it. Your true support means more than I can say. Thank you for always leaving me inspired and touched! Your perspective on my words bring a smile as its very similar to mine 😊. Appreciate you, my friend 🤍🤗

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  6. I think our most honest work arises from this feeling of not being able to write. Then only what’s need to be said comes to the forefront and that’s what seem to have happened with this exceptional piece Grace 🙂

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    • Perfectly well said, dear Rahul…that was exactly my thought process behind this piece. I think you know that writing process well 😊. Truly grateful for your kind comments, so glad you’re back 🤍🤗


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