Conversations with the Universe

Talk to the Universe today. You are the Universe the Universe is you. Every moment, the Universe is presenting you with sign after sign, hug after hug, opportunity after opportunity and lots of love. Everything has a purpose and a reason. Nothing just happens; realize the connections. Always trust the Universe for it will always support and love you. Your journey is unique and perfect for you, every moment has a place in your journey. Trust.

Give it a try. Have some unanswered questions? The Universe can answer them. Feeling lost or stuck? You know the Universe can help you get back on track and explain why you’re lost. The most important thing though, is to trust, believe and listen. If you don’t believe in the Universe, that is ok but just don’t trying talking to it. You’ll come around. The Universe will wake you up when it needs to. Ultimately, if you have a guide who always supports and loves you in a life that has many challenges and ups and downs why not listen?

I hope this helps you on your journey! This is a little short today for I want you to see the magic of the Universe and experience it on your own. This is just a little nudge to get you going! Everyone’s journey is different and everyone has a different experience. What is meant to be for you will happen. Whatever you believe will happen. I can tell you this, once you realize the divinity, connection and all that is happening to take you on the journey you’re meant to ride you’ll truly feel loved and free. Sending love – Ace

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