Journey of the Universal Bond – Soul Connections

I love to write about the soul or your higher self; it is a frequent topic in my creations. I always say your soul knows what to do and to trust it. In this article, we are taking that to the next level. Your soul has lived many, many lives; we are timeless beings. So, your soul knows many different souls and connects to all. Your soul connects to all beings. But there are a special few your soul has karmic ties to and a strong bond based off past lives.

Love intertwines, connects and brings us all together. The Universe is always taking care of you; making things happen for a reason, creating synchronicities and helping you continue to grow and glow. We are all so different and so unique but at the same time we are all made of the same stuff: the Universe, the stars, the soul and love. 

I think the word soulmate means a lot more than we are told. Soulmate does not mean one person only romantically. Sure, it could be and in a lot of cases the bond is to strong that it turns into romance but that doesn’t mean all soulmates are romantic. And your soul does not connect with just one person in a whole lifetime, if we are connected to all and timeless beings, how would that work? I believe you have a few soulmates throughout each life you live. Different soulmates for different periods of time to learn different things about yourself and to help you grow. 

This is where trusting the Universe is so important. The Universe will bring different people into your life for a specific reason. And your soul knows why, your soul connects. Trust your soul. There is a reason every person in your life is in your life. Stuff doesn’t just randomly happen, everything has a purpose, a reason, and sometimes just a season. Some people will stay in your life forever, some will come and go. That is ok, trust the Universe. You are the Universe. 

When a new person comes into your life, don’t think from your little mind. It will tell you it’s just another relationship; it will convince you it is a small thing. It is not. Every relationship is meaningful and has power. Listen to your soul and listen to the Universe. Your soul will remember things. 

Some people, when they are so in touch with themselves, can remember past lives and people from those lives. We all do remember but not as clear as others. One way to tell is this: A lot of people say they’ve felt like they’ve known someone for a very long time when maybe you’ve only known each other for a couple months in this life. That is a sign, you have a deep connection and tight bond from something bigger than a material relationship in this life. 

Even in this time where a lot of connection happens digitally you will know. Words have such power and you can play with trusting your soul. You’ll know when the other person will contact you, you might know what they’re going to say, you might even have dreams about them. 

I was watching someone speak the other day and he said something that stuck with me, “When will you realize it’s not a coincidence that you think of someone and they contact you seconds later?” He is so right, this is not a coincidence. We are all connected, our thoughts travel and our energy is contagious. 

Let’s dig a little deeper into this. I’ve had that happen many times to me or the reverse. Many times I’ve even noticed two people will contact me at the same time. And I’ll see them in my dreams and predict certain situations that actually end up happening. I realized a long time ago this all wasn’t just a coincidence. Recently, I put all my trust in the Universe and started to become more in touch with my higher self and intuition. That’s when I really noticed all the synchronicities happening. So, I think it takes a little trust, belief and being open to it. If you don’t believe this is possible then it won’t happen to you. Whatever you believe will happen.

The saying, when you’re thinking of someone the other person must be thinking of you, is so true. We are all connected so of course thoughts travel. You’ll feel it when someone is thinking of you, your eye might even twitch. It is so cool, these are real, vivid signs of how connected we all are. You’ll feel someone’s energy so heavily, you might even hear their thoughts for a few seconds/minutes and then it will go away. 

We’ve all had many relationships of many different kinds. I realize through my past experiences that most of the time those relationships I put way too much energy into, wasn’t myself and stayed in those relationships just to have a relationship. I am super close with my family and for a while they were the only people I could be myself around. Through these relationships with my family I realized what a healthy and strong relationship looks and feels like. Throughout all my changes and growth they supported and loved me even more; they weren’t in any way jealous. Through hard times they were always there to support and look out for me and not judge me. I could go on and on.

My point is this, learn from your good relationships and from your past. And don’t be in a relationship just to have a huge circle. A tight circle is awesome and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Society makes you think you need many friends and people in your life when in actuality you just need the people who care about you and let you be completely yourself. After many heartbreaks and lessons learned I am so happy with the relationships I have in my life. I am so incredibly grateful to my family for I wouldn’t be anywhere close to the person I am today without them. I am so grateful to have real relationships with people I really enjoy spending time with. One came from the craziest place, another from my youth and a few through the sport I love but one thing is the same. We all have a special connection and I am always myself and no one judges me for it. 

The most important relationship of all is the relationship you have with your soul. You are never lonely for your soul/higher self is always with you. When you love yourself relationships will come. When you let go of fear relationships will come. When you know who you are and fearlessly be that person every day relationships will come. Don’t worry about it, the Universe is always taking care of you and always knows best. Everything in your life happens for a reason; every heartbreak, every relationship and every situation. Trust your soul, love your soul and live from your soul. 

Every moment you live you decide, love or fear. When you love yourself that choice becomes easy for love creates all.


So, as always trust your soul and the Universe. Your soul knows what to do. We are timeless beings connected to all. Thank you for reading! I hope this helps you on your journey! I truly love your soul and wish you all the best. Connect! Keep thriving! Be fearless and free. – Ace

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