Journey Of Life

How do you define love?

In life there are really only two things; love and fear. It is that simple. Everything that isn’t fear is love and anything that isn’t love is fear. Love to me is a feeling, a connection and a vision. Love is an action, an emotion, a relationship, a mindset and an intention. Love makes you feel complete and whole, at peace and excited for life. I spent too much time with fear in my life and I have now shifted completely and live my life fully based on love. I feel balanced, joyous, passionate about my life and happy about the people in it. Love creates the reality you want.

How would you describe soul centered living?

I think of it like this; your body is the avatar and your soul is the real you. Your soul is the truest part of your being, it taps you into your past lives, into feeling truly alive and into the deepest place of love. When you live from your soul there is no need to think anymore. You do everything based off feeling and deep knowing in your intuition and heart. You realize you are a special piece of the Universe and the Universe is you. Then everything you go through in life becomes an adventure or a practice to trust your soul enough to act only from it and not your little mind.

The voices in your head, how do you define them?

I believe there are two voices in your head, just like there are really only two things in life. The first voice, the only voice you should listen to is your higher self/the Universe/your soul/love/the real you. This voice supports you, wants the best for you, loves you and ultimately is the true you, the one who is the Universe. The second voice, the voice you should tune out is what I call your little mind. I say little because it acts like it has power but in reality it has no power, making it little. This voice is pure fear and does not have your best interest in mind. I wouldn’t say it is evil for without it you wouldn’t know what courage is, you wouldn’t grow and you wouldn’t see the power of love.

How do you tune out your little mind?

You need to differentiate your little mind vs. your real self/love. You’ve got to realize which voice is talking. Once you realize which voice you’re listening to then you can tune out that little voice for realization is the first key to anything. Then, you’ll need to constantly set an intention to act only from love and to only listen to love. You can say to yourself a lot, “I am living from love/my higher self/the Universe/whatever you want to call it.” When that little mind starts talking repeat that mantra or simply just focus on something else. Once you do this enough, it will get very quiet and won’t bother you as much. It will always be there, but you won’t even dwell on it. It will have no power over you.

How do I listen to the synchronicities?

Again, the first step is you need to realize them. They are happening all around you, you just can’t see them or you choose not to. Open your eyes fully. Once you see one you’ve got to fully grasp its message. If you’re living from your soul this will take you two seconds. Your soul knows, you’ll have this strong knowing and it will just make perfect sense. Then you’ve got to act on it, once you know the message don’t ignore it or the Universe will slap you on the head (metaphorically and for your benefit). Trust your heart and your soul not that nagging little mind and go for it. As crazy as it may seem always remember that the Universe has your best interest in mind.

How do my thoughts create my reality?

Your thoughts hold more power than you know. The Universe is always listening to you and acting upon your thoughts. The Universe doesn’t hear negatives. For example if you say, “I don’t want to lose this,” the Universe hears, “I want to lose this.” And the Universe doesn’t stop at just hearing what you say, it acts on it immediately. Everything is connected and things conspire to make a reality. The reality you live in doesn’t just happen. It is shaped by your thoughts, beliefs and visions. When you catch yourself thinking negatively or about things you don’t want, don’t freak out. Take a deep breathe and think of what you do want. Don’t pay attention to the tricks your little mind plays, pay attention to the magic the Universe presents you with.

I hope this helps you on your journey of life! I’ll be doing more articles like this for I think it makes things super clear and hopefully it is very helpful. I feel like my younger and fearful self is asking the questions and the person I am now is answering them. Comment with any questions you want answered. Be fearless and free -Ace

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