Out Of My Mind

The saying, “Out of my mind” gets thrown around a lot. I recently heard it in a song and instead of it just hearing it I felt it. I felt it in my heart and was inspired to write about it.

So this saying is used in two ways; one to describe a really good thing and another to describe a crazy thing. For example, you could say, “I am playing out of my mind today.” As in, playing a sport so well and in such a zone that you call it out of your mind. Or, “This is crazy. Why I am I doing this? I am out of my mind.” As in, why are you taking such a risk, you must be out of your mind. I always wondered why this saying had such power in two completely different ways. But I get it now.

If you take the meaning of this saying literally you are outside of your mind. I can’t really see how that is a bad thing but it seems society does. I am out of my mind simply means, you’re not in your little mind, in your limitations, you’re in you heart. You’re in your true self, you’re realizing your true power and most importantly you are living from your soul.

I am out of my mind, into my soul and beyond.


I think why people see this saying as crazy sometimes is because sometimes it is scary to fully live from your soul. You might have to let go of certain people, let go of what seems like important things to you and to let go of pieces of yourself, your little self. You’re little mind gets scared and you sometimes confuse that for yourself; that is not really you. Your soul is you at your core, you must trust it. Even if it seems like you are scared, you are doing the right thing; continue to live from your soul.

I see being out out of your mind as a good thing. Jeez, if we were all in our minds constantly what a depressing world that might be. Our mind has so much power and our inner voice is so strong but our little mind is powerless, fearful and it is not you. Get out of your mind! That is when you’ll truly start living, seeing the Universe all around you and believing in the true power of you.

The next time you hear this or catch yourself saying, “I am out of my mind,” reprogram the way you think about it. It is not a bad thing; trust me it isn’t. You’ve probably lived the best moments of your life outside of your mind and achieved the greatest things outside your mind. Being out of your mind just means to be outside of your little mind, that little voice filled with oh so much fear. You are way more than this voice, you are your soul. It is time to live from it. Get out of your mind. Be fearless and free -Ace

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