A Believer, A Fearless Dreamer

As promised part 2 is here! (A Believer, A Dreamer is Part 1) I’m a little late but I’ve been busy with my upcoming video album Imagine + Reality. The lead single will be released October 5th!! Anyways, in this article we will dive into how to make your dreams lucid, protecting yourself when you’re dreaming and how to conquer fear if darkness comes your way.

So, let’s start with the fun one! Lucid Dreaming just happened to me the first time I experienced it. This is very rare, for you normally need to set an intention to lucid dream. But I was super open to it so I believe that is why it happened. If you catch yourself in a dream and you wish it could be lucid I’m here to tell you, You CAN!!!!

You can make it happen. In most cases if you feel yourself wanting a dream to be lucid you are already really close. I can’t really explain how you’ll know you want the dream to be lucid but trust me you’ll just know. So once you get to that point you need to relax. If you get too stressed about making a dream lucid your body will sense fear and wake up. So, stay calm. 

I am a big believer in if you believe it will happen it will happen. Belief is key, without belief you won’t get it. Then just do it, make your mind, higher self or whatever you want to call it talk. You’ll fail when you wake up. If you stay calm, believe and have some patience it will happen. Your mind knows your intention and intentions and thoughts become reality. If you wake up, that is ok. Dream Manifest to get back to the dream you were in. (We talked about dream manifestation in Part 1). Trust me, you’ll get the hang of all of this. You just need to try. 

My best advice is to trust yourself, believe, be fearless with it and be open. You can do anything if you put your mind to it. And research if you need to, just don’t go too crazy. 

Now, let’s talk about fear. After a few synchronicities came my way, I started thinking. When you go to sleep, you open yourself up to new dimensions, realities and spirits/other beings. I’ve never had a terrifying experience, sure I’ve had nightmares from my own personal experiences but I was never taken over by darkness. 

I always say to be open. In my case, when I started dream manifesting, lucid dreaming, practicing astral travel and dreaming predictably I never once had fear in my body, mind, heart or soul. I just didn’t believe it was possible for dark spirits to take over. My mom had told me to be careful and to protect myself (thank you Mom 💗). I know me and I know if one ounce of fear comes into my body I’ll shut down and quit all of it. So, I was very chill about it. This is why I’ve never had a bad experience. It was never in my head.

But if you do have a bad dreaming experience and are very scared that is ok. It is ok to be scared for a little bit but you must have courage and trust in the Universe. As I said, you open yourself up to a number of things when you sleep. There are dark dark beings out there who feed off fear. Something took you over. You were too weak and too open to block it. I don’t mean weak in a hurtful or offensive way. I simply mean your mind was too focused on the dream and your body was enveloped in your mind, this made you susceptible. 

How do you protect yourself? Well, first thing: you must let go of all fear. Release it. Do whatever you need to do to let go. Once, you’ve let go of all your fear and there isn’t one ounce of fear left in your aura then it is time to try again. Please do not try to lucid dream, dream manifest or astral travel with fear in your being. It will not go well. 

Once you’ve released all fear and are ready to try again, first celebrate your courage and fearlessness. It is no small thing to conquer fear so be proud of yourself! Seriously!! Now, while you’re wide awake before you start setting your intention for your dream there are a few things you can do to protect yourself. This one mantra I read in a book I was reading and I find it works really well and is fairly simple. Repeat to yourself: Joy, Safety, Harmony. Many many times until you feel ready to move on. Again, make sure no other thoughts come in and if they do just come back to this mantra. 

Then, set a prayer, an intention and talk to the Universe. Out loud. I would do something like this:

Dear Universe: or Dear Soul: or Dear All Beings: or Dear Myself: 
I am protected. I am strong. I am fearless and ready to see all the magic in my dream tonight. I trust myself, my soul and the Universe to take care of me tonight and always. If any darkness or fear comes in at all I am strong and I will always come back to love. Thank you for your protection and guidance. 

Something like that. As long as you speak in present/future tense and call into existence exactly what you want you’ll be protected. Don’t use negative words, only speak in positive words. I AM’s are very powerful so include a lot of those. My last tip would be to hold a crystal with you when you go to sleep. Something like Rose Quartz for unconditional love or Amethyst for protection. This will keep you safe and protected and block out all negativity. And a plus is you can release all your anxiety while holding onto this crystal. 

And remember, sometimes you need to see hard to see things to get the message the Universe wants you to see. If it is the Universe showing you these dreams you’ll know because it won’t hurt your soul. Even though it may seem that way, it is just trying to send you a message. You’ll know if it is darkness coming over you by the way you feel when you wake up and the dream just won’t make sense in your life. You’ll only be shown fear and that is not the Universe. I promise. 

Thank you so much for reading! Don’t let fear win, be brave, be courageous, be fearless. You are so strong and brave. You can do anything you set your mind to. I believe there will be a Part 3 to this article. I could write about dreams forever it seems! They just fascinate me because of all the messages I get from the Universe. It is so magical to me and I really hope you’re inspired to experience it too. I’ll see you in Part 3. Be fearless and free – Ace

Comment with your thoughts and dream experiences! 

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