Quotes seemed like the perfect thing for today, my soul was ready for a change of posts! 😊 Containing my words is never easy but, I wanted to challenge myself. I titled this “Echo”, as I hope my feelings, vibration, soul, heart, and higher self echo though these quotes. I hope this helps you on your journey!! Which quote connects with you?? Comment below, I’d so love to hear!! Lots of love friends, be fearless and free -Ace

38 responses to “Echo”

  1. Ooh these quotes are so empowering! Love the format, they’re all so unique and creative. The last quote is my favorite. Thank you always sharing your wonderful inspiration, Ace! 🤗✨

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  2. We shamans say dreams are the only reality. I love when my dreams come true and following my heart takes me to new heights ❤
    We are the master of our own reality and it’s up to us to believe our dreams to fruition🌠 Love to you dear one🙌

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    • Awe thank you so much!! Yes, I love how you say that about quotes, I agree!! I am always touched and grateful for your overflowing love, support, kindness and thoughtfulness!!! Much love to you friend 🖤🖤🤗

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    • Awe Lia, that’s so kind!! Thank you very much! This makes my day, you’re a fantastic friend and your encouragement means so much! Big hugs and love to you 🖤🖤🤗


    • Awe thank you Cait!!! You’re so kind, and I am eternally grateful for your love, kindness, support, thoughtfulness and connection; means the world to me!! The first one is my favorite too 😊, love you friend!!

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  3. Ahhh.. Like you said. How strange we both posted quotes on the same day..’ For a change’… Hehehe..
    This was a lovely one, Ace. Have a lovely day and keep the quotes coming!! ❤️❤️🙏🤗💐

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    • I know, it is strange indeed!! The soul’s connection reaches far and wide!! Thank you so much Diana, your support and encouragement means so much to me!! I will, here’s to more quotes!! Love you friend 🖤🖤🤗


  4. Wonderful words. It’s good to dream but you do have to catch a few of those and turn them into something beyond dreams: you don’t want to become the person who dreams and only gets dreams. “I say, nothin’ comes from dreamers but dreams” – Prince.

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