There’s this ocean, it’s different than most. This ocean is a circle and the waves flow round and round until eventually they exit through the abyss. Like a whirlpool, this ocean is deep; the abyss is eternal bliss.

A wave comes, circling and circling until it dives into the abyss, gone forever, no wave like that will ever return. Sure, similar waves will come, but it won’t be exactly the same ever again. When the wave crashes on the ocean floor, it lays to rest and finds it’s peace.

This powerful circle connects to the magic of the Universe while staying grounded in its purpose. It can be smooth, it can be rough; it all depends on the outlook. The sun shines on this ocean, its light fuels the tides. The wild waves leave the sun hidden behind the myst, but the Universe and eternity within this oceanic field, always finds its way back home.

Some days are monotonous and tiring, but most days are bright and loving. No matter what, this circle keeps giving and the sun will always rise.

This ocean has always been my mind, the waves representing my thoughts. When the waves crash on the abyss, I get a moment of clarity, while another wave begins to roar again. The sun, has always been my soul, illuminating the magical and honest thoughts, but, showing me which ones aren’t worth my attention. With this ocean of my mind, and this sun of my soul – life is mine to soar. -Ace

40 responses to “Timeless”

    • Awe GG!!! Thank you so much!! I am beyond touched and eternally grateful for your kind words, love, light and support; means so much to me!!! Lots of love and spirit hugs friend 🖤🤗


  1. Wow the imagery here is beautiful, I can clearly picture what you’re talking about, it’s amazing!! I love the explanation at the end so much as it just adds a whole new level of meaning to the piece. Much love ❤️❤️

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    • Thank you so much Cait!!! I’m so glad to hear that!!! As always, words can’t express how much your support, love, friendship and kindness means to me…truly!!! How you’re well!! Much and hugs to you too, beautiful soul 🤗🖤

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  2. I’m dancing within these lines Ace 💙 our souls are so in sync. I just wrote a poem with the same title. What you described here is how I view my own heart. Swirling everything it encounters into a vortex, melting it all into love’s grand theme. It will be a part of a post for tomorrow. Beautiful souls unite in the Light that 🌠💙💙

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    • Awe that’s so cool!!! Our souls ARE in sync!! I love what you’ve said here about “swirling into a vortex”, lovely! Looking forward to your post!!! I am always so grateful for your thoughtful, kind and loving support and comments…means a lot!! Much love 🖤🖤

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    • Thank you so much Aarushi!! Yes indeed…and it can always change! I truly appreciate you and your kind/loving/thoughtful support; means a lot!!! Hugs and love friend 🖤🤗

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  3. If love and being are a dance and thoughts too the the vortex takes us into both the magic and the mystery.. sometimes the vortex seems to be taking things but it may also be cleansing us of the old.. life is full of so much energy its only for our minds to encompass it.. to keep allowing both the expansions and the contractions. your writing is so unique.. <3.

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    • Thank you so much Diana!!! I’m always truly touched by your loving support and kindness, lights my soul on fire!!!! Big hugs and love, dear friend 💛🤗


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