We’re hurling through time and space even though this reality is a trap. Life has no map, we create our own. My head spins with voices, I think I finally know them all.

Contemplation has become wonder and wonder has become dreaming. Saying I have it all under control would be a lie, the truth is, I know who I am and with that love and power, I can enjoy the rollercoaster.

Rising to the top, my feelings start the ride. When I get to the top, my gut starts pinging me letting me know I’m on the right track. Then I drop, wiping away all the fear. The ride starts to rise again, all these voices coming through words in my mind, beats in my heart and butterflies in my stomach. But this time, I go upside down and hear too much; I’m overwhelmed.

Now I’m just speeding down the runway, a million miles an hour, “Trust me, this is life’s quest,” says the voice in my head. The voice, being my higher self; I can tell because the ride comes to a halt and I feel at peace.

See, without the quest, would the answer be as rewarding?

Be fearless and free -Ace

19 responses to “Quest”

  1. “See, without the quest, would the answer be as rewarding?” – wonderful, the quest is the answer and the answer is the quest. Beautiful paradoxes. The quest is vital for our soul evolution, if we knew all the answers, why would we be here? We are like ants with mobile phones.. some things are beyond our limited minds comprehension.. Beautiful line, got me thinking. Love you. 🖤🙏🌹

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  2. Yes, life can be a rollercoaster adventure. We get so view it from many different angles, that’s what soulful living is all about. Soul doesn’t want just neat and pretty…it wants messy and complex, below the surface depth. Just like your words invite us as readers to explore. Wonderful Ace ✨🌌🌠💜

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    • Thank you so much!!! And yes, exactly, that is so well said! Awe, I truly appreciate all your loving support and kindness, it means so much to me!!!! You’re awesome, love you sis 🖤🤗

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    • Awe thank you Cait!!! That means a lot coming from one of the queens of last lines!! I’m so grateful for you and your continuous/overflowing love and support, means the world to me!!! Much love 🖤🤗

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