glazing my aura

Your touch makes me gasp
Locked your harmony on me like a clasp
It soothes me in ways I’m just beginning to know
Your effortless glow
Captures my soul in this timeless flow
It’s funny I’m saying you, when I know it’s me
The Universe inside
Is where my love resides
And our magic collides
This world and its divides
Can take us on many rides
But nothing will separate us, we are our own guides
Because we are one
The Universe, my heart, mind, soul, and intuition spun
And turned into this someone
Glazing my aura
Providing me with this eternal plethora
Abundance shall shine
As long as I remember you are always mine
Letting go of you and me, labels get in my way
This authentic sway
Allowed my heart to splay
This glaze on my aura will forever stay

21 responses to “glazing my aura”

    • Awe thank you so much!!! Unfortunately no, I have no artistic talent! 😂 But the perfectionist in me picked them out! I truly appreciate your continuous love and support…words can’t describe!!! Love you sis 🖤🤗

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    • Awe thanks so much Cait!!! You’re so kind…oh, are you kidding, your poetry makes me jealous!! 😂😆 Words can’t express how I grateful I am for you and your support!!!! Hugs and love 🤗🤗🖤

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