Reflecting My Glass

I look in the mirror, and smile at my reflection. Sometimes, I feel I’m just looking at myself, other times I feel I’m looking at a me from far away. I put my hand on the glass and soak in the chill, then I close my eyes and play my reflection back in my head. I start to form some words to say to myself, but, I know the me in my reflection already knows what I have to say. So, I open my eyes and smile as I watch the glass illuminate the sparkle in my eyes and the twinkle in my teeth. I turn the lights off, shut the door and leave that experience waiting for more.

I pick up the shard of glass and watch the light dance on it. First comes purple, reminding me of that thing that makes me happy-sad. Then green shines through the sharp corner, reminding me of that experience that makes me euphoric. Those colors disappear, blue takes over and I sink into the floor; it reminds me of the moments I have alone, just me, myself and I. As the blue exits, yellow enters and brings a smile to my face for a reason unknown. Yellow moves to the upper left corner of this jagged shard and pink starts to dance; the pink reminds me of all the days love taught me to let go. Through my window, the sun sets and the dark night sky takes over. My shard becomes clear again, and I rise from the floor; this experience is one I’ll remember for sure.

The glass breaks and the sound sends a charge through my body. A million pieces scatter on the floor, funny enough, they remind me of my own glass pieces. Each shard has its own energy, personality and glow. But, when they’re together, they create something beautiful and unique of their own. I flash the two memories back and forth – the whole piece of glass and the million broken shards. But, are they really broken? Or are they in their natural form? As I’m cleaning up this so called mess, I change my thought perception. What if on my whole days I’m still a million broken shards, but they just create something a little more beautiful? And what if on the days when the shards of glass stay shards, I’m just being more vulnerable and real?

I’ve had glass analogies running in my head for quite some time now! I really like each of these outlooks, they are unique and different, but, there’s that something that pulls them all together! Which analogy resonates the most with you? I’d so love to hear!! I think I’ll forever have a different perspective whenever I see glass! I hope this helps you on your journey!! Be fearless and free -Ace

21 responses to “Reflecting My Glass”

    • Yes indeed, glass makes my mind ripe with wonder!! Aww thank you so much!!! Your love, support and encouragement always touch me – words can’t express how much it means to me!!!! Same to you, much love sis 🖤🤗

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  1. I start to form some words to say to myself, but, I know the me in my reflection already knows what I have to say…I loved this!!

    Also I absolutely enjoyed the broken shards and whole glass analogy – it speaks so clearly of our perceptions of ourselves, while giving a glimpse of the beauty we hold within in each unique way of being.

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  2. Very beautiful analogy of glass! It’s true and makes a lot of sense when compared to us humans. Beautiful piece, Ace! Have a lovely day and stay blessed ❤️❤️💐🌹🙏🎁🤗

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    • Aww thank you so much Diana!!! I deeply appreciate your kind words and support, means the world to me!!!! Grateful for your friend, hugs and love 🖤🤗


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