unspoken words cry

So much can be said by saying nothing at all
So much power in no words
So much can be read when the body talks
So much value in the unheard

Whispers in the dark
Your echoes leave a mark
The power in your tone
Becomes a reality I’ve known

Words act as a distraction
In each interaction
Impact just a fraction,
Action births reaction

Nothing is actually sour
Belief has all the power
Like caged birds, unspoken words cry
The force of choice will let them fly

Thoughts in your head, unsaid
Yet you expect me to know?
When the message is unsent,
Can’t see into your soul

So little can be read by doing nothing at all
So much charge in the still
So little can be said when doing nothing but talk
So much to say, let alone to fulfill

Ace (@fearlessfreesoul) + Binnzy (@binnzythewriter)

45 responses to “unspoken words cry”

    • Awww thank you so much!!! I’m deeply touched!! Grateful for you, your support and loving words!!!! You’re awesome, dear friend!! Much love and hugs 🤗🖤✨


    • Yes, it is healing! Oh that’s so great to hear! I also got some beach time yesterday (hence, the cover pic) and it is, as you say, glorious!! Aww thank you so much, sis!!! I’m always so deeply touched by your overflowing love, support and connection – means more than words can say!!! Much love 🖤🖤🤗

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    • Aww thank you so much Diana!!! You’re always so kind!! I’m lucky to read your amazing poems and to connect with you!!! So touched and grateful for all your support and loving words – means a lot to me!!! Much love, dear friend 🖤🖤🤗

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  1. What cannot be said will be wept – I read somewhere, your poem is so amazing, I loved the line -Like caged birds, unspoken words cry.

    It is so powerful to acknowledge this, and the power of our belief, our choices and all that might be unexpressed. Silence speaks volumes often as also talking can create noise if it doesn’t come from a calm silence.

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    • Aww thank you!!! Yes indeed, it’s funny how silence can be loud and talking can be quiet…the paradoxes of this Universe 🤪. I always appreciate your thoughtful words, connection and loving support – means more than words can say!!! I’m so truly touched. Much love and big hugs, friend 🖤🖤🤗

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    • Aww thank you Lia, that means a lot!!! I’m always so grateful for your kind words, support and connection…touched!!!! Appreciate you, dear friend 🖤🖤🤗

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    • Awwwww you’re the best!!!! Thank you!! I think I can speak for Binnzy here…that means so so much to both of us!!! So touched by your encouraging words and loving support – truly!!! Xx 🤗🤗🖤


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