The Pyramid Of Success

This is the kid version I was raised on, there is an adult version but this has one has always been special to me. The memories my family and I have created through this pyramid will live on in my heart and soul forever! John Wooden later added Love as the cement just to the kid version and I think that’s why this pyramid has always resonated with me. Plus the childhood nostalgia!

The Pyramid of Success by Coach John Wooden is a sacred piece in my journey. My parents raised my brother and I through this pyramid of success. These lessons and fundamentals of character were engrained in us at a very very young age and I am so eternally grateful. These blocks and this pyramid is my foundation and one of the most pivotal parts of my journey. I was always taught to do my personal best in everything I do and my parents are the best role models I could ever ask for. Big shout out to my parents, thank you for everything, Mom and Dad!!!!

In all that I do, in every moment on my journey and and through all endeavors, I always find myself leaning back on this pyramid of success. It connects to every aspect of life and to the Universe; I feel so lucky to have been blessed by it at such a young age. Again, thank you Mom and Dad!!

Let’s Go Block By Block!!!

1 – Hard Work and Enthusiasm

These are the cornerstones of this pyramid of success, they are the cornerstones to character. I’m combining them now, because that’s how it was always taught to me. Hard Work and Enthusiasm go together; you can’t work hard well without being enthusiastic and enthusiasm is always more real with hard work behind it. You’ll notice under the Hard Work block on the pyramid that it says “Failing to prepare, is preparing to fail.” This quote has always been a big part in my life. It is so powerfully true but deeply simple. For me, hard work has always been so rewarding and through it, I gained fierce discipline. Discipline and hard work is my comfort zone, but learning to be enthusiastic in all moments of life was my challenge. True enthusiasm is such an electric feeling, it’s the zone we all know so well and it’s the adrenaline I thrive on. So, together, hard work and enthusiasm make an immortal team.

2 – Friendship and Loyalty

When I was learning this pyramid of success, my parents always put big emphasis on the blocks on the first row because they are the foundation to true character, to personal best and to success. So, when I think back on those intrinsic memories of how they were taught to me, I realize a few of them were taught to me as a team. My parents are geniuses for doing it that way because I now see how much more powerful they became. I realized the importance of hard work and enthusiasm only when they were put together, and same thing with friendship and loyalty. Loyalty was one of the trickiest blocks for me to learn, but, with friendship added to it, loyalty’s meaning became easier for me to define. And friendship, boy have I learned a lot with that one over the years. I remember as a kid thinking it was the “easiest” one; I see how wrong I was now! Loyalty has grown into loyalty to my soul over the years and that is such a special and powerful thing, it’s freedom! And friendship has become more and more about being friends with my soul and my being, because you can’t be a loyal friend to others without being a loyal friend to yourself first.

3 – Cooperation

In my family, we’ve always been a team. So, cooperation was taught to me within the family first, Always. And through tennis experiences, I learned it in bigger areas, but, cooperation always has meant within my family, my team. Learning to balance speaking up for myself, but, being a cooperative teammate was a huge lesson. It’s such a divine and intuitive choice, and that journey really teaches you to get in touch with the depths of your soul. I think through diving into cooperation at a young age, I see everything as a team. Family is a team, friendship is a team, siblings are a team, my relationship with the Universe (me) is a team, my relationship with my heart/intuition are two separate teams, my relationship with writing is a team and so on. We’re all micro teams becoming a big Universal team.

4 – Self Control

And now, we move onto the second row! Self Control always used to be my brother’s hardest block and my easiest, as confidence used to be my hardest and his easiest. My brother and I were and still are opposite in many ways, we teach each other and the opposites bring us closer. As a kid, I was almost too self controlled; I’d push everything down and never speak up. So, learning how to be honest and authentic while still being self-controlled was a really good paradox for me to learn. Again, I think it’s such a powerful and divine choice we make within.

5 – Alertness

Whenever I think of alertness, I immediately think of my younger, shy self. I remember myself in a room just quietly observing everyone and paying close attention to every little thing. People watching is my thing as I have much experience 😂. But alertness is so much more than this; alertness is detail, attention and listening. I remember my mom especially teaching me alert listening. Alert listening is so powerful and one of the kindest things in this Universe. I also learned alertness through tennis; making a hundred decisions in one second takes skilled alertness. Alertness is an art and it’s a beautiful art at that.

6 – Action and Determination

Action and Determination were always paired together. Determined action is the best action. And action without determination is simply not action. Determination is an attitude, it’s a mindset. My mom has always been such a fierce example of determination. In all she does, she’s determined, driven and fueled by passion. My dad is an incredible example of determination too; he just goes about it in a different way, a calmer way. Action is an intricate and deep lesson. There’s action and then there’s smart action and those are two very different things. Efficient action, specific action and purposeful action are gifts tennis has taught me. Tennis truly brought all these blocks to life, but, for Action, it especially comes to mind.

7 – Fitness

Now, onto the 3rd row!! As a four-year-old, serious fitness was not a big thing in my life 😂. I’d just started tennis and my parents applied this block to tennis. Tennis wasn’t serious at this point in my life, it was just an activity I was barely beginning to love. But, practicing doing my personal best came to life here. I absolutely love fitness and the gym now, it’s a place full of adrenaline for me. And I do love the pain, it’s a time for me to grow and to achieve. I’d kind of forgotten fitness was a block, but, for where I am now in my journey — it’s a full circle moment.

8 – Skill

Skill was a confusingly simple block for me back in the day. This block was also taught to me through tennis. I definitely understand skill a lot more now. With smart action and determination, you can be skilled at anything. As the quote underneath this block says, “Practice makes perfect.” Who knows if perfect actually exists, but, practice and constant improvement creates skill. Towards the top of this pyramid, my parents would often revert back to the foundational blocks to show how they all connect to the ones above it. And it’s so true; I can really see it now.

9 – Team Spirit

Team Spirit like Cooperation was taught to me within my family team. And then it seeped out into bigger teams in the outside world. Whenever I think of Team Spirit, I immediately think of my family. Team Spirit is an energy, a vibration and a frequency — it’s a connection. It is a teammate’s responsibility to raise the spirit, to give 100% and to influence the heart and soul of the team. And I think even in the team of you and your soul, team spirit is huge. You have the choice to look at a tough moment as tough and hard, or as a challenge you and your soul will learn from and overcome together.

10 – Poise and Confidence

These blocks were big big ones for me. Besides Hard Work and Enthusiasm, these two were probably the biggest. I never truly understood Poise until a few years ago. My parents always explained it has being confident and then authentically living that confidence in all experiences. Confidence was really hard for me for many years, I lived with fear in a lot of my youth. I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world though, it made me the fearless and free soul I am today! When I started to fully believe in myself, I found confidence. And poise came almost naturally. Being my authentic self no matter what was a journey of its own, but, one of the most rewarding things in my life! It feels so good to be authentically you all the time; there’s this inner knowing of I AM that just oozes out of your soul. I could honestly write a whole post about poise and confidence, but, to keep it short, these two blocks will always have a special place in my being.

And with that, we come to Personal Best!!! Personal Best is me, it’s my soul, it’s my forever solid foundation. Thank you to my parents, for doing beyond their personal best in raising me to be the fearless and free soul I am today. And for instilling such powerful and life long values in me at a young age. Thank you to my brother, who’s been on this personal best journey with me since the very beginning! Thank you to my childhood, for blessing me with opportunity after opportunity to practice doing my personal best! Thank you to tennis, for being my vehicle to putting all these blocks together and for allowing me to grow with each one. And thank you to YOU, for reading this for always inspiring me to go beyond my personal best! I hope this helps you on your journey! Be fearless and free – Ace

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    • Awww Riya, you’re the best!!! Thank you so much!! Your comment makes me so happy and leaves me truly touched!! Appreciate you, dear friend 🖤🤗✨

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  1. This post is full of love and determination to do one’s best, to be the best version of yourself in all aspects of your life🥰 This should be taught in schools and to everyone ❤ Positivity and putting your best foot forward with focused attention and of course, your theme of love!

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    • Awww thank you so much, Maria!! YES it should be, I’m so glad it was taught to me in my school of life!! Your support always leaves me so touched, and thank you for your beyond kind words!!! Appreciate you, dear friend!!! You always leave such amazing and thoughtful comments, much love 🖤🤗

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  2. Wow! That was an amazing post, Ace! I absolutely loved it! “friendship has become more and more about being friends with my soul and my being, because you can’t be a loyal friend to others without being a loyal friend to yourself first.” These lines really spoke to me. Thank you for sharing. Very well done, my friend. Much love to you.❤️

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    • Awww Grace, thank you so much!!! I so appreciate your support and kindness, you’re just amazing!!! I can’t thank you enough for all your love and encouragement, always leaves me so touched!!! Ah that’s one of my favorite lines too, so kind of you to quote it! Grateful for you, hugs and love 🖤🤗

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    • Aww thank you so much, Anvi!!! You’re so kind and I truly appreciate you support! So touched by your kind comment, you’re awesome!!! Hugs and love, my dear friend 🖤🤗

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  3. Wow….. What an incredible read I just had!!! I am amazed to see how you are perfectly organised in everything. Thanks for all the details and I am starting to think how much I can score in all this!!! You are genuinely a perfect soul,kind hearted friend to me. ❤️❤️❤️ It was an interesting read definitely. Thank you dear Ace for sharing this!!!! 🤗🤗

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    • Awwww thank you so much, Preeths!!! This message makes my day!!!! You’re the best, my dear friend!!! Your support and touching words make me so happy and truly motivate me, I appreciate you!!! You’re one of a kind, your support means more than I can say!!! Hugs and love, thank YOU 🤗🖤🤍


  4. Very well written. I absolutely loved this post, Ace! It was so nice and true. I really enjoyed reading this! Very well written. Look forward to more posts like this. Lots of love to you, dear friend! ♥️

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    • Aww Geet, thank you so much!!! It’s so lovely to hear from you and I greatly appreciate your thoughtful read and comment – you’re amazing!!! Aww I’m so touched to hear that, means a lot!!! Hugs and love, my dear friend 🤗🖤🤍


    • Thank you so much, Krista! Yes, such a blessing…my parents are true gifts, my best friends!!! Grateful for you and your support, always!!! Much love, my friend 🤗🖤

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  5. Can we get this posted in the White House, specifically in the Senate and House???? This is great for kids, because the animals will attract them and the words will stick a little better. Come to think about it, there are just big kids in both houses in DC.

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    • Ah haha, that’s so funny…I wish!!!! Yes, that’s well said, my friend!! Thank you for your always thoughtful comments – you’re incredible!!! I’m always so touched by your support, much love 🖤🤗


    • Awww thank you so much!!! Yes, they are indeed amazing, I am so grateful!!! And I’m grateful to you for your always kind support and loving words! It’s such a blessing to always have you in my corner, means more than I can say!!! You inspire me, my dear friend!! Hugs and love 🖤🤗

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  6. ❤❤❤ Ace you are an inspirer… Really this is the best motivational post I have ever read. So authentic and apt. Well know i know the missing ingredients I hope to do better with this pyramid as my guide. Thanks a lot Ace, you are the best… at the moment i am bursting out with gratitude to you. Thanks a lot my dear friend (more than a friend, like a sister). Thank you!!!😊😊😊

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    • Omg you bring happy tears to my eyes!!This comment makes my freaking week!!! You’re just the best, thank you so much! I am so honored to be your sister 🤗🤗! Your comments, support and always amazing energy is such a blessing in my life, I appreciate you!!! So grateful to connect with you!!! I’m bursting out with gratitude to YOU!! At a loss for words of how to respond, I’m beyond words touched!!!! You inspire me, my amazing friend. Thank YOU for everything, truly! Much love, my dear friend (like you said, more than a friend, like a sister/brother 🖤😊).

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  7. You seem to be an amazingly blessed family Ace. My love, regards and congratulations to your parents for raising two beautiful souls.

    We are a large family (six siblings) and we were equally blessed to have had parents like ours. And the love continues to flow in the siblings….

    Stay blessed my dear Ace. And keep inspiring generations to come 💖🤗

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    • Aww thank you so much, Ashok! You’re always so kind and thoughtful!!! Your loving words mean a lot to me, more than I can say!!! So touched by your support, always!

      I love picturing the sibling flow of love between you all!! Out of curiosity, what number are you??

      Thank you for being YOU! Connecting with you brightens my days. Much love 🖤🤗


  8. What a lovely post, Ace! ‘Being the best you can be’ – wonderful!!! You are so genuine in both thoughts and words.. I really admire you Ace! Stay blessed and have a beautiful day, love. ❤️😘🤗🌹💖🙏🎁🌷

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    • Thank you so much, Diana!!! Awww you make my day, I’m so truly touched!!!! Your comments have a special place in my heart, always/forever! Thank you for being YOU and for always being there, means more than words can express!!! Love you, dear friend 🤗🖤

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    • Aww thank you so much Aarushi!!! I’m so glad to here that! You’re always so sweet and thoughtful, appreciate you!!! And your support truly means more than I can say!!! Hugs, pal 🖤🤗


    • Aww thank you so much, Rabbia!!!! I’m so happy to hear that, makes my day! Appreciate you and your support, means more than I can say!!! Hugs and love, my dear friend 🖤🤗✨

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  9. Omg!! How I can miss my friend wonderful post! Oh sorry my dear friend! I had missed this post. But now I catch it.

    What a wonderful post! I ever read a fantastic post like yours my dear friend! Really I’m very speechless!

    I don’t know how to express about your marvelous work.. And you explained very beautifully and wonderfully!

    I read and reread.. You are such a lovely and kind hearted and sweet soul!!

    I have learned some new things here my friend! And sure, I can say some good things to my friends and also kids. I will share this to my friends. Keep rocking my awesome friend! Much love!🖤🤗🤗💖

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    • Aww you just keep making my day better and better!!! No worries at all, my friend!! Thank you so much for all the love and support you shower me with, I can’t begin to express my full gratitude!!! You’re one of a kind, dear!!! Oh yay, I’m so glad to here you’ll be sharing – that means more than I can say!!!! Grateful for you, my amazing friend!!!! Love you 🖤🤗

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      • Awwwwww!! Sure my friend! I will keep brighting your day with all my encouraging words and support. You are a sweetheart my friend! I’m really flattered by your words. You know how to make me happy every day!! Most welcome dear! It’s my pleasure.. Thanks a million for your wonderful comment and fantastic words. And one truth I wanna say you that, I ever seen a comment like yours. I ever seen a friend like you. You’re really beautiful and kind hearted soul my dear friend!! Much love 🖤🤗🤗

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    • Awww Ben, thank you so much!!!! You know how to bring a huge smile to my face, always!!! So touched by your encouragement and support, means more than I can express!!! Hugs, my friend 🤗🖤

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  10. Hey ace, how are you? I have been inactive lately but I’m catching up on posts now and I don’t know what to say, this post is like this perfect pillar of values
    I’ll be honest, I haven’t read the whole thing, I’m kind of stuck balancing stuff right now, but I have saved this post and kudos to you for writing this and expressing your thoughts. I literally can not wait to read it carefully, and I promise I will, but ace, seriously, this post and your dare to be album are the literal definition of immaculate , I’m not saying this as a friend, im saying this as a reader, This.Is.Soulful.Perfection.

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    • Rishika!!!! I missed you!! I’m well, thank you! A lot of ups and downs but just growing and trusting the Universe through it all!! No worries at all!!! Awwwww omg I’m speechless!!! You are AMAZING!! I’m smiling so big right now, your support means the world to me! I can’t thank you enough for your kindness and loving words, all your comments have a special place in my heart forever and ever!!! Stay well, my dear friend 🤗🖤🤍


  11. You leave me in awe in all of your posts…speechless perhaps that is why I don’t comment. I am a processor, it takes a day or two for it to all sink in. Just know that you are like an Angel a beam of light , lighting up others through your own journey . Much love beautiful soul🦋💙🦋

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    • Aww Marie, you leave me in awe!! I know exactly what you mean…I too like to let things soak in and savor every bit of the energy. Awwww thank you so much, my dear friend. You are a gem…your kind words mean more than I can ever say. Love you 🖤🤗

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