simply intricate

If every thought that lived in my head took material form,
it’d be one intricately woven web.
Crisscrossing in emotion, intertwining in depth
shrinking and growing at the same time.
Designed like a messy whole of dancing strands because
an “intricately woven web” doesn’t mean “a flawless web of perfection”.

I’m learning more and more how beautiful the “messiness” is,
it’s where the self is found.
The messier and the more imperfect my mind is,
the more I can truly see.
There’s something so pure about the so-called “mess”,
something so touching about being internally direct.

I often wonder what a web that’s never quite complete
but always somewhat far along in progress could look like.
It’s like feeling an emotion so deeply,
that you realize how truly alive you are,
yet how much more new emotion there is to feel and experience.

Intricacy is what we are in the mind,
yet simplicity is who we are in our core.
So, does that make our individual webs of thought complex or lucid?
Are we intricately woven or clearly spoken?


Author’s Note – I don’t usually add punctuation to my poetry, but this piece originally started as a giant paragraph of random thoughts that were floating through my mind. And I let it keep flowing that way because it’s fun to see how the mind will tie everything together in the end.

I often play around with the paradox of life being truly complex or deeply simple, and this piece is like a physical web of all those internal conversations I’ve had about it. In the end, we’re alive to truly LIVE no matter how it feels or what it looks like or how it constantly changes – life is simply (and intricately :)) about living.

32 responses to “simply intricate”

  1. Love this beautiful free-flow weave of your thoughts, Grace. You have always had this gift, to connect to your inner beliefs, your questions and the answers you receive. Love the questions you propose too, especially the last two lines, that are profoundly thought out:
    “So, does that make our individual webs of thought complex or lucid?
    Are we intricately woven or clearly spoken?”
    I think Time might give us different answers in our different stages of Life…Nothing stays the same, even our interior thoughts and beliefs are modified and refined through living our lives. As always your writing opens a floodgate of thoughts in me..So wonderful to have you back, sharing such perceptive ideas as “Simply Intricate”.❤️🌹❤️

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    • Aww Karima, you are simply the best!!! This special comment makes my day 😊. I truly appreciate you in so many ways, thank you for always thoughtfully reading and being such a loving supporter. Those are my favorite lines too, and I completely agree with you…I love the way you say that. It is so neat to live all these different perspectives in our lives and to watch them change over time. Thank you for continuing to inspire me and for being such a dear and precious friend to me, lots of love always 🤍🤗

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  2. Deeply contemplative and relatable. I have a feeling my own web is pretty messy, too! 🙂 These lines stood out for me:

    “Intricacy is what we are in the mind,
    yet simplicity is who we are in our core…”

    It’s a fascinating concept, the relationship between the mind and the heart (or the core). There’s a definite paradox there, one I’ve pondered in my own writing. This is a wonderful piece, Grace–insightful and fun to read. Well done! 🙂

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    • Aww Mike, this thoughtful comment truly brings a smile to my heart. Thank you for sharing and for supporting this piece! Messy webs are the best kind, my friend 😊. Yessss, I do see that paradox in your writing too…it truly is fascinating and filled with tons of different perceptions.

      I appreciate you, Mike. Thank you for brightening my day 🤍🤍🤗🤗

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  3. The metaphor of the mind and web is so true! Our minds spin thoughts and ideas into webs which end up creating our belief systems. It is complex and beautiful, but I can see why some people refer to the monkey mind as too convoluted and we should perhaps be more heart centered. Still, I respect thought and philosophy, and how it works its way into poetry. The punctuation to me is your attempt to bring some order to the messy chaos of life! 😆👏👏

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    • Thank you so much for this thoughtful comment, dear friend! I totally agree with your wise words, I think our perspectives of the mind change and evolve over time…we go back and forth from heart-centered to deep thought-centered and that’s the beauty of life! Haha you’re probably right there 😂, I love structure…taken me a while to love the flow too 🤪. Appreciate your support as always, Tricia 😊🤗🤍

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  4. Wow! What a wonderful piece, Grace!
    I’m learning more and more how beautiful the “messiness” is…
    it’s so relatable to most of us, but the way you have expressed is simply superb. Thank you, Grace, for this thought provoking poem. 👌😊💖

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  5. It’s lovely to have you back…the energy had never disappeared though…it’s more about reading your lines & connecting with “Simply intricate”…your wisdom & reflection…you let it flow in raw mode…adding punctuation…which is quite beautiful…your sharing is truly a blessing…life is about living…embracing, accepting & surrendering…loving 💫

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  6. Wow! What a thought provoking piece this was, Grace! You are truly a talented writer to be able to weave such complex as well as fleeting thoughts into such beautiful pieces. I loved this one very much. It is truly a joy always, to read your gorgeous writings✨😊

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    • Omg!! You are just the sweetest. Thank you for such a precious comment, your words leave me so touched. So happy to hear you loved it, being read by such an awesome writer like you means the world to me!!! 🤍🤗🤍🤗


  7. The mess is never the problem, it is the willingness to clean it up! when cleaning it up we will be rewarded with finding gems for living. The mind doesn’t prevent thoughts, but it will entertain and hold them creating and taking space. this piece of provoking and contemplative!

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    • Yes yes yes!!!! I loveeeee how you say that and totally agree with every bit of this gem of a comment 🤗. I need to frame that first sentence of yours 😆. Thank you as always for such special words! So grateful for you. You’ve made my day 🤍🤗🤍🤗


  8. I love the message of this piece and agree. “There’s something so pure about the so-called “mess”,
    something so touching about being internally direct.” – so beautifully stated! <33 xoxo

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    • Aww thank you so much, dear Lia!!! How sweet of you to quote it, makes me so happy you loved it. Appreciate you and your always special comments, you truly are the best!!! Xoxo 🤍🤗🤍🤗

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