hottest flame of fire

Glistened red
Crimson blue
A flame spread
A fire flew

A picture of heat
looks like fiery red
Maybe a little sweet
or a passion finally said

A picture of cold
looks like an icy blue
Maybe a story told
or a feeling so true

Society’s definition of emotions
is simply going through life’s motions
Blue for sadness
and red for madness

They don’t tell you
the hottest part of fire
is that glimmering blue
beyond red, a burning desire

There is no definition of emotion
we’re simply a complicated ocean
Blue for experiencing every wave
Red for beginning to ignite the flame

We start with red
We heat up into blue
The flame ahead
The fire in you


Author’s Note – I remember learning a couple years ago that the hottest part of a flame is the color blue. This fascinated me as it’s not really talked about; and because blue is often associated with the emotion of sadness and the thought of cold.

So, this piece started very differently than the colors of blue and red and the thoughts of fire…I’m still very much living my last piece, “doors”. But I love how this one turned out because blue has always been my favorite color – all its different dimensions and all the different blues captured me (the blueness is my eyes has become my favorite 😊) – never really loved the tie in of sadness though.

So, here’s my definition of being blue: I know we all have our own inner fire. I used to think that inner fire starts as wood and becomes a fire when we choose it, but maybe it starts as actual fire and becomes blue when we own it.

45 responses to “hottest flame of fire”

    • Thank you so much Lincol, for such a beautifully thoughtful comment! I love your thoughts on blue here, thank you for sharing! Aww I’m so honored and grateful to be read by you 🤗🤍. Lots of love and hugs your way!!


  1. I was deeply touched Grace!!! It’s really a great poem 🤩 your perspective of blue is wonderful 💙 this poem reminded me of ‘fire and ice’ by Robert Frost.
    Thank you sister for such a wonderful piece 😇

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    • Aww brother, what a sweet sweet comment!! I appreciate you so very much! Means the world to me that you were touched by this and it reminded you of such a profound piece, thank you for sharing such kind encouragement!! Your support leaves me so touched 🤍🤗

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  2. Oh there you go with those delicious colors, Grace and my favorite of all of them is blue too. I seemed to have forgotten that fact, that the hottest fire is blue, but I really think you picked the perfect picture for it…so beautiful, like your words on colors and emotions. I really vibrate to your insight about colors and what they typically represent and yet, as you point out so beautifully, the exception is blue that can be hot or cold… passionate like a fire’s core and yet cold, like the depression and the end of lov or like an all-embracing sky!. You are such an accurate observer, of so much, we miss, in our rush and full-speed ahead..Your poetry calls us to reflect, to ponder and to be attentive to the subtle truths, color brings to all of us in our lives. Such a beautiful piece Grace!! Thank you! 🙏 🌹🤗

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    • Wow Warren, you have a gift of turning words into magic! Thank you for sharing, and thank you for your always loving/supportive comments. Appreciate you 🤍🤍


    • Awww Jeff, thank you so much for such a thoughtfully sweet comment!!! You are the best, truly. I love how you call it a “spectrum”, that’s exactly what I was hoping to get across! Appreciate you, dear friend 🤗🤍

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  3. Absolutely beautiful lines with amazing rhyming…so colourful…this is your knowing…your eyes can truly see & recognize the real power of colours…than how they’ve been defined by mankind…you are the observer seeing above & beyond…Btw, Blue is my favorite color…I used to sing Aerosmith’s Pink & would turn it into Blue 😁✨💙💫

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    • Thank you so much, dearest Navin. Getting the rhyming to flow with the meaning was the hardest part, so thank you for truly seeing that! I love how you say “observer”, you are such a thoughtful reader! Omg that’s so funny!! Thank you for sharing, I’ll think of that every time I hear Aerosmith now 😁😆. Grateful for your support always 🤗🤍

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      • You’ve made it flow amazingly, dearest Grace…when I was reading your lines, I was having “shake your head” effect…such deep & meaningful lines with the shake…try to recite your own lines loud…you’d know what I’m saying…enjoy Aerosmith, dear friend ✨💟✨

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  4. what Jeff said! ⬆️ 😆 colors are always a spectrum of feelings, I really love the color blue, I think there is a peacefulness to it really! And if you think about the inner part of the flame is always steady, the red, is the instability, IMHO, No scientific degree, but my MFA gives me insight into these things! 💙

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  5. This is a stunning poem with so much depth. Your thought process is unique. It’s difficult to think of colours as you have done. Simply beautiful with amazing imagery. By the way, my favourite colour is turquoise. Well done, Grace 👍😊💖

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  6. Loved reading you thoughts on the poem, Grace! I find this very intriguing and insightful – “but maybe it starts as actual fire and becomes blue when we own it.”
    Brilliant and deep as always, Grace!!💫❤️

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    • Aww thank you so much, D. How sweet of you to quote it, that line was the base inspiration for the whole piece 😊. Appreciate you and your always thoughtful comments, dear friend 🤗🤍


  7. You have a way of articulating things that I’ve thought about but I never could. I have pondered this, and it’s tie in with emotion. I am with you on this!! Passionate blue flame at the center. ♥️💙 my favorite color was always purple which I thought was a testament to the merging of the two!

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    • Aww omg you make my day! Thank you so much for such a kind and heartwarming comment, I appreciate you so! So happy you loved this, I’m truly touched by your precious words. Oooo I love that about purple, I’ll forever think of that color as a merging!! 💜💜


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