turn the handle
hear the soft creak
take a deep breath
put one foot through
take one more breath
see what seems true
observe all the rest
leave the door behind
learn a few lessons
walk a few steps
venture too far
hit a wall
find the door again
lock it, no look back
hear a knock
over and over
easy to know who
with thumps so familiar
yet the door remains closed
then the sound becomes
more of a ring
and the heart listens
thinking bout turning the lock
ring ring ring ring
walk up to the door
feel the handle
walk away
walk back to the door
take a deep breath
open it once again
put one foot through
and pause
say one’s piece
make peace
with what’s beyond
the door
hear it almost close
behind thyself
take a deep breath
and wonder
how many doors
will stay open
how many doors
will stay closed
how many doors
will stay in-between


Author’s Note – A little bit of a different style for me, but I wanted to play around with words…that is the beauty of writing after all :).

Often, I’ve felt comfort in hearing a door close and I’m learning to love hearing a door open. Doors open and close in life, it’s always kind of interesting to watch the journey. So cheers to finding peace in whichever way the door moves.

44 responses to “doors”

  1. Love these lines: “see what seems true, observe all the rest” There are so many doors to walk through and rooms to find our truth and then just leave what doesn’t serve us. It makes me think of Walt Whitman’s quote about examining what we’ve been told and “Dismiss whatever insults your own soul.” I also like the idea that doors are a type of gateway in this poem, and we must choose to step through them. 👏👏

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  2. Ahhh love how you have used and described Life’s doors that open and close behind us. The style you “played with” in this one, feels very fitting to your choice of words. You have great intuition when you write. Grace. I have a “motto” I have lived by. It says, “Life opens doors…..don’t hesitate; walk in” That philosophy has worked for me…not always in the short run, but Life plays the long-game, and if I had to do it over..I would, every single time.
    So many doors..opening and closing..I see your poem very visually and also with sound…the ring ring ringing calling you, until you put one foot after the other and walk through. Beautiful thought Grace and love how you executed it:) 🌹🤗❤️

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    • Aww Karima, thank you thank you. You are such a kind, empathetic and deeply thoughtful reader on so many levels – I truly can’t thank you enough. I love your motto, thank you for sharing your authentic wisdom. I think I’m currently learning that lesson 😊, it’s funny once one is aware of the hesitation so much becomes clear. Hence this post 😊.So happy to hear you loved it, means the absolute world to me…you are the BEST!!! Grateful for our connection 🤍🤗🤍🤗


  3. Such a insightful expression and reflection on this soul journey as seen through imagery. This is what I afore about writing. I enjoyed your perspective so much here. Indeed, when one door closes, another always opens.

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    • Aww thank you so much, Maria!! Thank you for thoughtfully reading and for your connective comment, I appreciate you! This piece rings is a mysterious way of expressing where I’m at currently 😊…I prefer structure and a concrete open or closed but a lot of doors remain slightly open and I’m learning to love the flow 😊. Ah life’s a journey 🤪, thank you for seeing mine 🤗🤗🤍🤍

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      • It’s in the resonance with others that we feel connected as one to each other! It’s my pleasure to point out that indeed you are on the path to enlightenment the more you can open and allow what is. Nothing is black and white yet our human minds thrive for definites. I like to dance in the gray shadows and color my experiences in a custom palette 🌈🤸‍♀️🎆💗🌠 It’s what makes our experiences unique 😁

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  4. The doors open & close…depending on the side…inside / outside…which side…how it is from our perspective…your poem is absolutely magnificent with this style…there’s this beat embedded in your lines…the unspoken spoken word…keep expressing & shining, dear Grace 💫

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    • Ah yes Navin, thank you for your deeply thoughtful comment/perspective, truly means a lot to me. Awww I’m so honored you call it a “beat”, that’s what I was going for 😊. Grateful for your kind support, dear friend…thank you for being on this journey with me 🤍🤗

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  5. The imagination, creation and the perspective in these beautiful words for “Doors” …I am stunned, surprised and feel like a student understanding one of the best poetic lines ever😊🤩❤️💯😘🙈

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  6. With simple phenomenon of opening and closing of doors, you have weaved such a beautiful poem with a profound thought and wonderful imagery. This new perspective on life’s doors with a nice play of words is amazing, Grace. Last stanza is superb. Well penned 👍💖

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    • Aww yes, well said D. So happy you loved it, means so much to me. Thank you for your sweet support and kind words as always, friend 🤗🤍🤗🤍


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