creator consciousness

structure and flow
fast and slow
boundaries and love
below and above
listen and speak
new and antique

We find comfort in believing in opposites
Until we look from a different consciousness
We say opposites attract and leave it at that
As if life isn’t a rhythm of waves, but just flat

Although we prefer a would you rather
Opposites are a collection of what we gather
Life isn’t a series of different opponents
Much more a recipe of specific components

I’d pick structure over flow, fast over slow
I’m finding a middle with boundaries and love
Living in moments below and perspectives above
I’d listen over speak, starting to love new over antique

There’s a common opposite, strength and weakness
Those words work together becoming your uniqueness
But that’s the truth with every opposite, they blend
Opponents are not the enemy, but the deeper friend

Without the flow, life would be the distracted kind of slow
Without love, there’d be no life to live below or above
Without a way to speak, connection would be antique
Without opposites, there’d be no creator consciousness


30 responses to “creator consciousness”

  1. Wow!! I resonate to your thoughts on this theme, creator consciousness, Grace and I absolutely love the collage you made of all these “opposites” You say it so well,
    “But that’s the truth with every opposite, they blend
    Opponents are not the enemy, but the deeper friend”
    We might prefer above to below, or structure over flow and yet how perfectly you sum up the larger picture in your last sentence:
    “Without opposites, there’d be no creator consciousness”
    It’s the very fabric and uniqueness of it is..
    You have expanded this thought so poetically and listening to the words I feel even a closer connection to that very pervasive force that keeps it all moving forward and going around.
    Just love how you said this my friend🙏❤️🌟🌈

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    • Awww Karima, you are so so special!!! Thank you for such a touching comment, you blow me away. Ahh I was thinking of you when I was making the collage 😊, how sweet you noticed!! Those lines you highlighted took me the longest to get the wording right but they are definitely my favorite, means so much to me that you enjoyed them too. Awww I’m so happy to hear you could feel a closer connection to that force (or as you call it almost like that “charismatic magic 😊) – my intention with this piece was to share a little piece of that force. Appreciate you so so much, dear friend. Thank you for your most precious love and support 🤍🤗🤍🤗

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  2. Great write! Enjoyed pondering your verses and the image as well! I really like how you worded this one, “Opponents are not the enemy, but the deeper friend” because I have come to know this as a lived experience, so well! 😆 I think this Earth is total duality and we can grow from the challenges, but I’ve faith in the afterlife it will be less duality and more expansion into what we choose and gravitate towards on this plane. Just my thoughts. Love poems that dive deep! 👏👏

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    • Aww thank you so much, dear Tricia! So happy you like this piece and the image, I’ll be making more collages in future 😊. You inspire me with all your creative endeavors!!! I love your perspectives here and your take on the afterlife, that resonates true to me!!! Thank you for always diving in my words with me, I appreciate you!!! Love and hugs 🤍🤗

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  3. What a beautiful thought process, Grace! I’m mesmerised at your wisdom. Opposites are certainly not the enemy. It reminds me of a competition in college days with a colleague. We competed with each other for top position, and when the final result was announced, we both were on the top with same score. When I read this poem, I could realise how deep you think, and that too with such a rhythmic flow. This is a masterpiece, Grace 😊💖

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    • Awww KK, thank you for such a precious and thoughtful comment! Wow I love that story, thank you for sharing. It’s funny how division can become such a distraction. Haha yes, I’m a deep/free thinker indeed (like yourself 😊), so happy you enjoyed the flow. Appreciate your special words that mean the absolute world to me 🤍🤗🤍🤗

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