the moment i loved all the times i’ve fought

It flies in the air
It floats in how we care
Doesn’t need a reason or a rhyme
Just an inner season without time

Some call it a once in a while high, others a source
Some just believe, others make it their course
We all agreed at some point that this is living
But we forgot to clarify purposeful giving

It’s in my fingertips when I write
Flowing in my blood when I stay and fight
Pulses through my breath in the heat of a fiery now
It’s the magic string that lets my universes bow

It’s not a special skill or a chosen power
It’s the choice to be what’s beyond the hour
We’ve all felt it whether it’s been seen or not
The moment I loved all the times I’ve fought

It’s the something that connects you and me
The something that makes our words free
It’s the smile when something resonates
The fearless fire when a spark detonates


Author’s Note – in this piece, the words “fight/fought” are meant in the way of choosing to fight and to live rather than just getting through life or waiting for a moment to be over. Yes, “fighting” is often used in the negative but, in my life recently, it’s been one of the most positive things…and it will be that way in my writing too :).

38 responses to “the moment i loved all the times i’ve fought”

    • Aww thank you so much, dear Layla! I love how you describe this one, it’s exactly the feelings I was hoping to convey! Appreciate you and your thoughtful support, dear friend 🤍🤗

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  1. Every moment counts in life, the important thing is to learn from each of those moments in the actions performed with the love and determination that built those moments.
    Excellent poetic sentiment, my friend Grace.

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    • Thank you so much, Lincol! Yes indeed, my friend…so perfectly said! Thank you as always for your thoughtful support, means a lot 🤍🤗


  2. I love your personal definition of “fighting” and you explain it well in this thought-provoking poem.. You are one of the people who lives their life awake;when you are conscious you really Are conscious of how you live. You have a deep eye for observation, especially for yourself, and your conclusions and observations are many times very universal. Thank you for sharing this unique angle dear Grace. It’s always such a pleasure to see from your eyes my sweet poet.

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    • Awww Karima, you are just a gem!! I can’t thank you enough for this precious comment. I will cherish it forever, my dear friend 🤗🤍. You make my week, truly! Thank you for diving in and un-peeling the layers of my words, it’s truly a gift to be read by you. Aww it’s such a pleasure to be seen by you too 🤗🤍. Thank you for being an inspiration and an authentic supporter 🤍🤗😘🥰. Lots of love and hugs your way, ALWAYS!!!

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      • Now your words made my week:) It’s a pleasure and an honor to read you, be read by you and exchange our ideas. It’s a joy..and such a positive in my life..Much love and blessings to you always…my fearless poet ❤️🌹🤗🦋

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  3. Grace, it’s really wonderful. Love its message of self-acceptance and positivity, and its invigorating energy. As always your beautiful soul shines through! Love you gal!

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    • Aww Lia, what a treat to hear from you!!! So grateful and touched by your kind words here, your comments always leave me with a huge smile inside and out. Right back atcha, dear friend 🤍🤗 Hope you’re doing well!!!!


  4. It’s so relatable, Grace, for me, fighting spirit has positive connotations only. These two lines stand out for me:
    It’s in my fingertips when I write
    Flowing in my blood when I stay and fight…
    So lovely and thought provoking poem that shows both your wisdom and feelings. Love it 😊💖

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    • Aww thank you so much, dear KK!! I’m so glad you found this one relatable, and those are my favorite lines too :). You, my friend, always inspire me with how you write with wisdom and feelings in such a balanced way, so your compliment means the world to me 🤍🤗

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