In honor of spring, here are a few unposted pieces I wrote last year when I decided I was ready to bloom. Even though I was on a posting break this time last year, I still wrote every day – it’s fun to look back on what blooming felt like back then and what it is to me now.

I remember the day
when I walked away
wished I said something more
or stood up for me at my core

for a while, it stung
all the words I wish I’d sung
but gratitude healed the wound
my true self, I finally found

if I ever tasted confidence
it was just a higher consciousness
now, it’s a flavor I know
a light forever aglow

so, regret and I have met
but love and I made a bet

with a little sip of remorse
I’d find freedom as a course
and realize I am source

Clouds are flying past the mountains
Wishes are made beyond the fountains
It’s like forgetting you can apply the brakes
Time is frozen and there are no mistakes

We wish upon a shooting star
We look for the future wide and far
But looking within is not thought of and simply bizarre
It’s like never checking your speed in the car

There’s so much beauty in space
When there’s no clock or place
Dreaming of something real
Reality is a reflection of what you feel

It’s just like driving
There’s a destination
But the fun isn’t in arriving
It’s in enjoying the duration

Purely living from the beat of our heart
is a journey and an art
As you would put your foot on the pedal
it’s just like being your own medal

The hardest part is the beginning
When I have a thought but it’s just spinning
The lights are on, but I’m still a little color blind
My mind and reality just waiting to be aligned

When I make it to the next part
I can hear the beat of my heart
The words jump to my fingers
It’s all working, the flow lingers

Then comes the test
Time to decide all the rest
I could hold my ground and stay
Or I could run in a new way

When I make a choice
I re-find my voice
Innovation is the track I race on
Lapping versions of me every dawn

Endings are rarely easy
But when I trust me, it’s breezy
This piece becomes complete, now it’s time to live
Life is never concrete, always a lesson to give

30 responses to “bloom”

  1. Enjoyed each poem, they are all definitely worth posting and how cool to be able to look back on these and see where you were at one year ago! This line stood out to me, “Purely living from the beat of our heart, is a journey and an art” 🤩 There is so much beauty in the journey! 💗✍️

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  2. What an amazing collection of soulful and moving spring poetry that is bursting with feelings of rebirth and awakening, fresh beginnings and appreciation! I love how the opening poem takes me along with it and the ending poem serves as a beautiful reflection. ❤

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  3. Time is a faithful witness of that blossoming, of that moment, although looking at it through the window of time, those nuances will be the essence of a new and continuous blossoming.
    a pleasure to read you, friend Grace.

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  4. How wonderful you have shared these Spring blooms with us all. I loved Layla’s comment…It could have been mine, as she said what I was thinking too. They each in their own way contain that rebirth realization, so very much a part of Spring. Love this verse
    “It’s just like driving
    There’s a destination
    But the fun isn’t in arriving
    It’s in enjoying the duration”
    The “fun” and satisfaction in Life is watching what unfolds around you minute by minute and how you yourself unfold (bloom) when you see and become aware of what really matters. Each poem so unique from the other, yet perfect in Springtime and beautifully inspirational for all who are blessed to read you. Gorgeous writing my dear friend! 🌈

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    • Thank you so much, Karima!!! Awww well I’m so lucky to be read by amazing people like you both 🤗. I have this massive file on my computer with a bunch of unposted pieces, and when I wrote these last year individually I never they’d go together until I reread them in a new light 😊. I love your thoughtful comment here…especially the lines you highlight as I wrote them when I was beginning to love literal driving…which influenced a bunch of poems :). You always have a way of inspiring me, dear friend. Appreciate you!!!! 🤍🤗


  5. gratitude healed the wound – a powerful mantra to be embraced
    a light forever aglow – so beautifully said!
    There’s so much beauty in space
    When there’s no clock or place – another jewel of wisdom to live by
    The lights are on, but I’m still a little color-blind – oh how brilliantly said!
    Lapping versions of me every dawn – oh goodness the accuracy of this!!!

    Beautiful compilations of these beautiful transformations Grace!!

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  6. Very well written Grace . 👏 The way you express emotions in your writing is just phenomenal sister. ✨️ You never disappoint your readers grace . I am just grateful to have got an opportunity to read your works🙏
    Thank you sis!!!! keep the good work going😇

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    • Aww Hitesh, thank you for this beyond kind message! You are the best, brother! I’m always so touched and inspired by your words, I truly can’t thank you enough. I am so grateful to have gotten the opportunity to connect with you all these years 🤍🤗. Appreciate you and your support, thank you for being you!!

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  7. So happy to know you were still writing when you weren’t posting. I’m sure that period was a pivotal one for you as I can glean that growth from your words. Always learning from what you write 🙂

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    • Aww thank you so much, Rahul!!! You’re so thoughtful. It was an important time in my life to truly learn what it means to live fearlessly. And I’m so touched you can see that in my writing. Truly grateful for your support and inspiration, dear friend 🤍🤗


  8. Spring is here, and so are your poems. You kept writing poems shows that a poet is a poet always, even when he or she is not at work. Every poem has its own flavour, Grace, and I enjoyed all of them.
    There’s so much beauty in space
    When there’s no clock or place…
    So true, Grace! You have excelled yourself in these poems, my friend 😊💖

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    • Awww KK, you are too kind!! Yes, I love how you say “a poet is a poet always” – that’s so perfectly said. So touched to hear you enjoyed all of them, that means so much to me especially coming from you!! Thank you for your true kindness, dear friend 🤍🤗

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