Light to Darkness, Darkness to Light

I always thought

Something was not quite right

I chose to focus on the light

To evolve

And to grow

For I had much of that to do

Woke up from a long sleep

Just a short time ago

Turns out I was right

All the sudden light

Wasn’t so bright

Darkness threw me on a ride

Like the tide

It was up and down

Went round and round

Glad I dived in

I won’t be the same

I understand this game

And yes it is oh so lame

But with layers and layers of lies

The world must begin to see

They can’t let it be

It is time to unfold the layers

And soak in the truth

It may be painful

But that is your choice

Use your voice

State your opinion

And once your ride with darkness

Comes to an end

You must

Shine your Light

Light is the most powerful

Vibration, Frequency and Source

On Earth


You’re one of a kind

With the power of your mind

Courageousness of your heart

Strength of your Intuition

And love and trust in the Universe

Make your light oh so bright


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