Universe Hugs

Hello readers! I hope this helps you be fearless and free! Enjoy!

The saying “Everything happens for a reason” is so true but I feel like it gets tossed around a lot. Let’s dive deeper into the magic of the Universe.

Before I start, I want to thank my mom. She taught me all I know about this stuff and she introduced me to the theory of Universe Hugs. She showed me the magic of the Universe and the power of Love. I wouldn’t be here without her; thank you Mom.  

So, everything happens for a reason. You’ve probably said it or you’ve probably heard someone say it. You might not have thought much of it at the time. But it is the key to life. Nothing just happens, life would have no purpose or meaning if that was true. We chose to come to Earth at this time, we continue to choose to be on this planet every second we are alive and we choose how we live our lives by every decision we make. 

If you look back on your life you can see a small picture of how each moment in your life connects to one another. I started to really notice this about a year ago. I’m an athlete so injuries really aren’t fun but with one injury I realized later on that I needed to be out of the sport to realize my other callings in life and to wake up to everything actually happening in the world. So, it all worked out. The Universe has a plan. Your Soul has a plan, a purpose. Things fall into place or out of place for a reason. That is just one example of billions I could give you. 

Now, let’s talk about Universe Hugs. My mom came up with this name and it really stuck and makes perfect sense. Think of your life as one of those images with all the dots that you need to connect in order to complete the picture or see the message. Your life is complete once you connect all those billions of dots. Let me give you an example. So, lets say you were just introduced to the topic of lucid dreaming. Someone introduced it to you and you’d never heard of it in your life. Then later that day or the next day you’re reading a book and lucid dreaming comes up all of the sudden. That is a very very small example of a Universe Hug. I could give you millions but, Universe Hugs are unique and special to you. I want you to see the power of them on your own. It is most likely that the Universe has already given you many many hugs, you just haven’t had your eyes open to see them. That is ok, this is your Universe Hug to wake up and see them now. 

A big part of Universe Hugs is manifestation. A lot of the times you’ll be thinking about something so much that it will happen. That is also a Universe Hug. But, in some cases it could be bad. If you’re constantly thinking, “I don’t want to lose this game, I don’t want to lose.” Then guess what? You’re going to lose. However, if you change your thoughts and instead think, “I am winning this game. I am winning.” Guess what? You’ll win the game. Thoughts have so much power, I don’t think we all even realize it. Every thought you think the Universe knows. Be in control of your thoughts, the Universe will reward you in the most amazing ways. If your thoughts are fear based, the Universe will give you a fear-based reality. It is pretty simple, be in control of your thoughts, think positively, honestly and with love and you’ll be receiving many Universe Hugs. 

I hope this helps you on you journey. Wake up and see the Universe Hugs!! You’ll know, your soul will know it wasn’t just a coincidence, it was a Universe Hug. The Universe is always with you, always supporting you on your journey. Even in the hard times, sometimes it has to show you what fear creates. Sending lots of love and Universe Hugs to everyone reading this! Thank you for reading and for your connection! -Ace

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