Growing Pains

Dear Universe:

Oh what an eye opening year it has been. There has been so much growth, awakening, vibrational shifts and courage during this weird time. That’s looking from the positive side which I’ll admit has been a little tricky at times. I think we all have our days Universe, but it is those days I see most of my growth comes from. It is hard not to feel stuck, trapped, tricked, duped and sad. But I understand we must rise and I’ve definitely learned how to do that.

Thank you for showing me the power of our vibration as individuals and as a collective. There is only one way out of this three-dimensional world and that way is a high vibration. When digging for truth and diving into darkness it can be energy draining and shattering to the core of your being but that moment when you can’t even believe what you’re realizing is the moment where true awakening happens. The lies make sense and the deception becomes a little more clear. Thank you for guiding me on my perfect journey to see the darkness but then to emerge from it and shine my light.

I think those “down” days make the “good” days better. And when I say down days, I mean from learning much of the world is a lie and that we’re trapped in this prison-like society that is presented to us as freedom. Without those hard days there would be no growth or truth for you’d be a part of living the lie. I remember in the beginning of my journey of seeing truth, during those hard days it seemed as if there was not light, hope, goodness or like minded people to focus on. It seemed as if I was alone.

Thank you Universe for showing me that was not true and that this world has so much light in it. Thank you for giving me the fire and burning desire in my soul to spread love and truth, to shine my light and to share my thoughts, advice, writing, poetry and creativity with the world. The support, love and light I’ve received on the platforms I share my work on has made this journey a little more exciting, my soul a little more complete and my heart a little more at peace. I hope people realize that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and even during the darkest of dark days you can always hold onto a little bit of light. Because no matter how dark things get, just an ounce of light can eliminate all darkness.

I will continue to put my full trust into you and to inspire others to do the same. Thank you for always being by my side on this journey and even when I didn’t believe in you, trust you or completely see you I appreciate you showing me synchronicity after synchronicity and for helping me grow. Life is so much more exciting with you around and once I realized everything in my life has a purpose and a reason it made even the little and seemingly not important moments that much more exciting. I am excited for what is to come in this year, the truth that will be shared and the ascension that I for sure know is taking place. For now, I will continue to pursue my purpose which is to spread love, shine light and be that fearless and free soul that inspires others to be their best selves. To many more adventures and rides on this journey! Thank you Universe for everything, truly. -Ace

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