Hello dream, I see you looming in the back of my mind creating your story. I see you taking pieces of my reality, splicing them up, showing me the future, working with the Universe and giving me answers. I believe in you even though I don’t know what you’ll show me yet. I trust you for you’re one of the few beings I truly see. You flash before my eyes and speak loudly in my mind. You make me go out of my mind in the best way. I travel elsewhere, to other realities and realms. It is as if time stops and when you play in my head you’re all I think about. You consume my being and give me valuable signs to help me on my journey. You spark my purpose and my intuition. When you start to play I get excited for I know you can show me true answers. Aren’t we all looking for some answers now? I wish others would see you like I do but I know the soul takes what it needs at specific times.

I know I was once afraid of you (that was sure silly) but once I made the shift to really pay attention to you and to let you shine you showed me sign after sign and took me to reality after reality. You became my escape, someone to run to. When I don’t know what to do you pop into my head and give me the clarity I seek. You come into my mind in many moments of the day; like the best movie you’ve ever watched you make me smile over and over again.

What means the most to me though, is how you’ve helped me connect with the one who’s left this planet. I feel I’ve talked to him many times and I appreciate you guiding me through that. I know I didn’t quite enjoy that relationship as much as I could have when he was here but I know with your help that I’ve made up for it. I will say I didn’t believe you could have that power but you proved me wrong again and I am so glad about that. I thank you for showing me what to do in a current friendship, for showing me signs that I’m on the right track with it and for bringing me much needed clarity about it.

I believe I see you throughout the day, I know you’re not just someone I visit at night. Thank you for being there when I run to you looking for an escape, for an answer. Thank you for being that mysterious, unpredictable but always supportive friend. You keep me feeling that I have a purpose and a mission. Thank you for showing me I’m not lost but that I am alive and here for a reason. And who knew manifesting you would be so cool and that whatever I want to see you bring to me? I am so grateful you let me or my higher self in on those lucid nights for it reminds me that I have a strong voice; strong enough to shape my entire reality. I hope you know just how much you mean to me. I’ll see you around forever. -Ace

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