Dreaming The World

Walking through a grassy meadow, surrounded by green, a blue butterfly flew ahead of me. It danced circles in the wind until my dreams moved on to something else. That was the only thing I remembered from hours of dreaming which I know is for a reason. I can picture that visual so easily, almost as if I lived it. I believe in dreams for I know they are meant to help us and everything has a purpose, a reason. Dreams have so much power that we aren’t even aware of; sleep is something I look forward to for I am fascinated by the signs the Universe provides for they are always sent with love to help me on my journey. The Universe does the same for you; just open your mind a little bit to see it.

Butterflies symbolize change; specifically in dreams they symbolize change coming or the change that has already occurred in your waking life. And maybe even both. I saw a blue butterfly and blue symbolizes calm, serenity and peace. Also in my dream I was in a meadow and meadows symbolize openness and a beautiful situation that never gets interrupted. When you have a dream, any dream, it is important to analyze every aspect of it for each little thing is a sign. In analyzing you do a combination of things; what the object/environment/person means to you, how it makes you feel and if you don’t know these two things that’s ok; it’s why we have the internet.

So, I’m sharing this dream because as much as I feel it is a message for me in my personal life, I feel it is a message for us as a collective. It is a dream that I am meant to share with you because there is a lot of darkness and big things going on in the world right now. But, there is also so much light and so many good things coming. That is what my dream was telling me; a change that will bring peace and calm providing us with a beautiful uninterrupted situation. I encourage you to look for the light, to notice the good and to align yourself with a high vibration. You only get what you look for so if you look for good things you will definitely see them. I promise.

Tune out that little voice and step into your soul, your higher self and your best vibration. Change is coming! And whatever you believe it will be, it will be. We each create our entire reality by the perspective we use to see the world. So, follow the signs, look for the good in the world and in each other and love yourself! Because without loving yourself you can’t love others and you can’t be free.

Dreams are whatever you make them. I write a lot about dreams, specifically dream manifesting, lucid dreaming, astral travel etc. The Universe is showing you things you need to see in your dreams; even if you ignore it or think nothing of it the Universe will continue to show you sign after sign. Once you realize that you can create the exact dream you want and that each dream connects to your life then you’ll start to feel your power. You’ll realize that you have so much power and your mind is so strong that the life you want is only thoughts away.

I hope this helps you on your journey! Look for the good things and be excited for positive change coming!! Dream big and realize your power. Be fearless and free -Ace

Comment with your dream experiences! And stay tuned for my upcoming debut video album release on October 15th! IMAGINE + REALITY is coming!!!!

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