A Conversation With Frequency

Dear Frequency:

I see you taking up the room, I see you in each person’s aura, I see you like the invisible person in the room, I see you removing things and people who don’t match my frequency and I see you in me. I feel your presence more than I’ve ever felt and in a way, you’re kind of changing my life.

Words mean so much to me, words are my friends and my feelings. Words are the voice of my heart, just writing my heart straight on paper. But you, you make those words alive. Someone could be talking to me saying one thing, but when I focus on you I can see what they’re truly saying. I can see when I’m writing that all the words would just be words without putting you in each word. As strongly as I feel you in my words, I can tell others feel you too and that makes me feel like you are the strongest being on this planet.

I always knew you were there, I just didn’t know how much you were and how powerful you are. Thank you for removing all the other versions of you that don’t match, I know you are the Universe and every where I look I see the signs you’re giving me and the waves in which you come.

Every word I write, speak and read, every person I meet, every place I go, every song I listen to, every connection I make, every action I take and every thing my eyes meet I see you. I see your strength and your power. My heart and soul appreciate you with love, it is the strongest force in this world which I’m sure you know. I also appreciate the lower versions of you for it teaches me to rise and emerge out of those and to always come back to love. I know my intuition and you have a strong connection and I know together, you’ve strengthened the way in which I feel things deeply.

Anyways, I wanted you to know that I see you and I feel you. My purpose is within you and I am grateful for my newfound vision when it comes to you. I would ask you to bring only the best versions of you to me but I know you and I are already working on that together. I send the best of you to all of the humans who can feel it. I’ll be spreading, seeing and feeling you forever! Here’s to the rest of our journey!


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