Do What You Love

Now more than ever, it is so important to spend your time wisely. With 2020 coming to a close and December 21st approaching, it is time to raise our vibrations and rise. There is no time for illusions, worry, fear, and settling; there’s only time for what feels good to our soul.

Do what makes you happy, do what makes you feel good. And during all the “have to-do’s” in the day, make the most of them. Sometimes our little mind gets in the way and tricks us into believing those “have to-do’s” are only miserable and dreadful. Maybe, there is something positive to take away from those things; our perception changes everything. When you initially dread something, look at it from a different angle and raise your vibration, then you’ll realize how powerful you truly are.

In those moments when you have the choice to either, do what’s expected or do what you love, choose to do what you love! Don’t listen to the outside world’s expectations of what you “must do” or your little mind’s manipulative game. Choose what YOU love and what makes you feel good!! Our vibration is of utter importance right now, and love is the highest of vibrations. Align yourself with love in everything you do, and watch only the vibration of love come flowing your way.

Spend some time each day doing what you love. I believe you can spend all day living your passion (for life’s purpose is to enjoy, not to survive), even in the hardest of moments, you can still choose to see the love. But, it takes lots of steps to climb the mountain, so start at a pace you can maintain. Spend 20 minutes doing what you love, whether that’s writing, reading, cooking, painting or whatever, go do it!!! There is no better thing you could spend your time doing. Sending you the kick you need to align yourself with what you love! Be fearless and free -Ace

24 responses to “Do What You Love”

  1. Ace, your posts always inspire me!! Thanks for this reminder to make sure to take time to do what I love, especially during finals week which can get crazy haha! Hope you’re doing well ❤❤

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  2. our perception changes everything – and then this is not the only line I want to pick! Absolutely relevant what you say – I remember going through these curves of have-tos and expectations to being free and in alignment, finding my way with joy as the guiding light. Comfort is not promised either way but the richness is undeniable when we decide to follow our heart, even bit by bit.

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    • Thank you so so much!! Gosh, you leave the best comments, I always appreciate your thoughts and the connection!! I love how you say “to being free”, it resonates with me because when I let go of fear and expectations (as you also said so well 😊) I became free and it is such an amazing feeling, totally one of a kind. And that’s what I hope this blog can do; inspire others to be free. Thanks for your continuous support and wise words, glad to have connected with you 💛💛🤗

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      • You are so welcome. I feel like I have crossed these bridges not too long ago and my blog came into existence pouring out similar journeys, so I find utmost delight in finding that resonance on your blog. Keep shining and inspiring others who will follow you. Much Love.

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      • Thank you so much!! I’m so grateful to have found your blog as well. Always, thanks for the support. Keep shining your amazingly bright light too!!!! 🤍🤍🤗💫

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