Voicing My Soul’s Language

She was speaking, but, I couldn’t understand. He was saying something, but, nothing translated. It wasn’t just the words I couldn’t understand, it was the energy behind those words. Vibrations, energies and frequencies are languages, and I speak the vibration of my soul.

They can try to get to me, they can force themselves upon me, but, the voice of my soul is strong and knowing; if you’re a match then I’ll hear you. Words are magical, vibration is eternal and effortless. Like waves they come and go; their tide can turn at any moment.

You could be a language I speak right now, or you could be a distant holler. You could be a faint whisper, or you could be a voice I understand like the breath of my being. You could be a chorus I’ll forever understand for you are my destiny. You can be whatever, I will always be authentically me, a language that deepens over time.

We are all our own language. I don’t speak your language, I speak mine. But, if you know me and are meant to be, I’ll definitely hear you. Your voice doesn’t have to be words, it can be a vibration, an aura, an intuition, a heart, a mind, a soul or anything electric and truly alive.

My voice is always hungry for those who speak it too, however, my internal compass is always honest. I know if you see me, or if you just act. I know if you are meant on my journey, or if you’re just blurry. This is just my soul’s expression, your opinion is yours, my belief is mine.

My tone is dependent on my heartbeat. What makes me truly alive, lets my soul speak with joy. What I know is a lesson I am meant to learn, lets my soul speak with power. My tone isn’t dependent on your reaction, it’s dependent on my action.

This is a bit different from my usual writing and ironically, I love the voice behind it. I hope this helps you on your journey!! Always remember to listen to your voice because you are the Universe! Other people’s languages will match or detach if they’re meant to, you must trust!!! Be fearless and free -Ace

30 responses to “Voicing My Soul’s Language”

  1. I enjoyed this alternative writing expression from you my dear. You always write so truthfully with authentic spirit and love. My 2nd book of poetry shares the same name, “My Soul’s Language” 💗💗💗

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    • Awe thank you so much!!! I truly appreciate your kind words, encouragement, support and connection; means a lot!!! You’re awesome, and I am grateful for you!!! Love and light 💛💫

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  2. Ace… I relate so much to this. Beautifully said. And this: “You could be a faint whisper, or you could be a voice I understand like the breath of my being. You could be a chorus I’ll forever understand for you are my destiny.” Wow!!!! I love that. So beautiful, this way of describing the various voices and callings we experience, as inter-conscious beings. Love your work… thanks for sharing it, and much love to you. 💗🔆🤩

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    • Awe Lia, you make my day!!! Thank you so much! That’s so kind of you to quote it and I’m thrilled that you love it! Your support truly means so much to me, I’m forever grateful!!!! You’re the best!! Big hugs and love friend 🖤🤗

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    • Awe Cait, that means the world to me coming from one of my favorite writing voices!!! I’m so touched by your support and loving words, blessed to have connected with you friend!!!! Much love 🖤🤗

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    • Awe thank you so much Aarushi!!! You’re so kind, grateful for you!!! I always appreciate your love and support, and yes you are!! 😉 Hugs and love friend 🖤🤗


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