In a world driven by fear, distraction and illusion — frequency is of utter importance. I think we sometimes forget the beauty in simplicity and the power in true happiness. We weren’t put on this planet to rush through life and to get through moments, we are here for a reason.

Life goes speeding by and there is so much to capture in each blink. But why not get to know each blink? Why not dive and deeply enjoy a moment? After all, this life is just a compilation of all these “blinks”.

In this blink, something about the sunset orange of this rose spoke to me. The layers and dimensions spiraling through this rose reminded me of the layers and dimensions within us all. It also reminded me of myself; the insides protected and hugging each other, while the outside petals gently unfurl to the world. But the crimson coating truly let me enjoy this blink, who knew an orange rose could bring so much joy?

In this blink, my morning coffee was extra special. I often pick this mug because the deep/dark blue is my favorite color and the tall shape makes for the perfect coffee experience. But in this blink, the shining gold in the little constellations and the smiling moons brought me joy. As I sat down, the gold in the little tick tack toe board next to me connected to the gold on my mug and even though I often sit next to this board with the same mug, this was the first blink I noticed the connection. So, in taking one moment to be with the little things – this blink was fully captured, teaching me oh so much about life.

In this blink, I finally thought it was time to capture the joy this backpack brings me. This backpack goes beyond the design, the function and even the words — it’s a part of my journey. Truth Matters says so much in just two words, and it’s just a speck of why this backpack is special to me. There is so much meaning behind this one blink, and sometimes the indescribable is better felt than described.

In this blink, the thought about enjoying each “blink” and spending time in the little moments of joy was born. So, I guess you could say this blink of the sun was the first of many blinks that let this post come to be — the sun truly is the ultimate teacher. I’d never quite seen two rays going in such opposite directions and something about it captured my attention. I guess it reminded me that there are so many ways to shine, and every direction is beautiful in its own way.

The way you live your life is always your choice. If I could capture a breath in a picture, I would because breath is the choice behind these blinks. When we breathe and sink into stillness, we can deeply live and truly see. So, here’s to embracing every blink and to enjoying every little thing that brings us joy! Be fearless and free -Ace

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53 responses to “Blinks”

    • Awww my dear Mairi, I’m so happy to hear it! I knew you’d love the backpack, my fellow truth investigator 😉! Your thoughtful comments always mean the world to me, appreciate you 🤗🖤😘

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  1. A beautiful post, my dearest Ace. You always write so well, and deliver straight from the heart. We can feel it in each blink and breath we take, as we fully take in all of the inspiration, love, and light that you continually provide. I love this post most, because it is a reminder for all of us that life exists in these blinks. There is no other moment than that one moment, blink it’s there, and then blink, again. Beautiful, my dearest friend. ❤️🤗❤️

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    • Awww my dearest Jeff, your special comments just make me smile inside and out! Thank you for always being in my corner and for being so deeply supportive, words truly can’t describe how much it means to me! So elated to hear you love this post, and your wise words on “blinks” are exactly the messages I was hoping to get across. You truly are a beacon of light in this community and in my life, grateful for you 💫🤗🖤

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      • You’re always welcome, my dearest Ace. In your comer is indeed where I reside, as you do in mine. I do love this post, resonates deeply in the heart. The light is a mirror of you, my dearest friend. I appreciate you! Have a lovely evening, and rest of your week! ❤️🤗💙

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  2. Wow my dear sister!!! This was different, interesting and excellent😇 You are absolutely right sister, when we sit back, with a calm mind observe our sourroundings, we will then realize how much life has got to offer us with immense ammount of lessons to learn. We will even realize how grateful we are to have what we have and feel content with the same. This post had many dimensions!!! Great work. Keep it up sister!!! Be a fearless free soul forever🤗🤗😇

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    • Aww my dearest brother, thank you so very much!!! I love how you describe “sitting back”…it’s the power of stillness 😉! And so wisely said, gratitude always comes when we realize the “blinks”. Aww you’re so kind, you truly inspire me! Words can’t describe how much your special support means to me, thank you for always being there 🖤🤗💫

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  3. What an amazing post, dear Ace! Your posts are always so spiritually lifting and enriching. “We weren’t put on this planet to rush through life and to get through moments, we are here for a reason.” How I wish people just paused to realise this? Beautiful! You are awake. Your soul is. Fearless and free indeed 😉😊

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  4. There is so much meaning behind this one blink, and deeper meaning in this post of yours, Ace. Every line has the gentle power and beauty. Yes, you have rightly said..we are here for a reason. Very well done, Ace, as always 😊💖💐

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    • Aww KK, thank you so very much!!! You always leave the best comments, I am so eternally grateful! Cheers to that ✨🙌🏻! So touched by your continuous support, thank you for being amazingly YOU 🖤🤗

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  5. My dear Grace, your words are a solace to one’s heart. I absolutely love this post and the message you aim to convey. I believe in this too… That every moment.. Every breath does matter. We often overlook these minute happenings in life. But in reality, it’s these small moments that make up life! Absolutely love the pics too😍😍😍. Stay blessed dear one and keep spreading the truth in your words ❤️❤️😊☺️🤗🌹💐

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    • Aww my dearest Diana, thank you so much for your beyond kind words!!! Your comment just makes my day! So elated to hear you love this and believe in the power of small moments (I knew you would 😉☺️). Your support and loving words always have a special place in my heart, you mean a lot to me 🖤🤗😘

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  6. Dearest Ace, how you could so wisely every time? 👏👏 It’s a blessing to have you here and it’s a privilege to read your brilliant posts. I love this so much and it’s an important reminder to all of us. Thank you my dear friend for sharing your insightful thoughts. Much appreciated. 🤝

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    • Awww my dearest Preeths, you are just the best!!! It is a blessing to have you in my life! Your touching comment just leaves me speechless, I am beyond grateful to you! Thank YOU for always being there, for being so supportive and for inspiring me. Love you, beautiful soul 🖤🤗


  7. Fantastic Ace and I so agree with you!..
    It’s in our little blinks, that so much is revealed if we know how to stop and see in that moment.
    Dark blue is also my favorite color and I love it with gold and I swoon when it is near an orange like your beautiful rose..
    This post was meditative for me, stopping and reading slowly each blink…seeing them through your descriptions…Fantastic
    and very soothing for my soul.. Thank you sweet poet for this gift today 🙏❤️🦋❣️🌟

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    • Awww my dear Karima, thank you so very much!! Yes indeed, I love how you say “revealed”…that’s the perfect word. Aww I’m happy to hear it, I never realized the beauty of blue and orange together until recently! That means the world to me as I was hoping this piece would be like a step out of reality. Truly appreciate you and your always amazing support, YOU are a gift in my life 🖤🤗

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  8. Hello sweetie pie..!
    Now I’m here!!
    “BLINKS” POST..!

    Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow..! This piece took my breath away my sweetie..!
    This is a masterpiece..!

    (Me: Calling my brother..! Ring ring ring ring..! Hello brother..!
    My brother: Yes, I’m going to complete it..!
    Me: Wow!! Awesome dear..! But I need your help right now?
    My brother: Oh okay, tell me what you want my sister?
    Me: I send you one link..! Open it..! Just now I read..! It touched my heart deeply..! My bestie made me to feel very special person..! So take a xerox and give it to me..! We can pin it on our pin board..!
    My brother: Oh wow! Sure my sister..! I will..! 10 mins..! I am going to complete it..!
    Me: Thank you so much dear one..! Come safe..! Bye!!
    My brother: Ok sister..! Bye!! See you soon..!)

    I love the way how you explained each and every things that are around you..!

    “We weren’t put on this planet to rush through life and to get through moments, we are here for a reason.”
    These words are absolutely true my sweetheart..

    I knew an orange rose could bring so much joy..! Rose is my favourite flower dear..! And which is your favourite flowers my sweetie..! It’s very lovely to read this piece..! I love the click very much.! Very BEAUTIFULLY explained my dear..!!

    Omg!! This is your morning coffee mug my sweetie..! It looks very beautiful..! I imagining you with this coffee mug..! Now I’m going share my imagination to you dear ace, You are sitting near the window and hearing the birds sound and loving the nature and you are holding the coffee mug in your hand and you’re slowly drinking coffee..! Wowwww!! You’re looking very pretty my Cinderella..!😍😍

    Wowwww!!! I truly loved the sun dear..! Very Amazingly explained..! Marvellous..! Wowww!! Awesome dear ace..!

    Now I’m going to jump to another post of yours my sweetie..! See you there..! Love you so much my beautiful bestie..!😍😍😍🤗🤗🤗❤️❤️💖💕💕💕😘😘😘🤗🤗🤗


  9. This is a wonderful piece, dear Ace!! I love the idea of the ‘blinks’ and the wonder in appreciating the little things, gratitude is so important in this life. Keep smiling, my friend. I love reading your work. ❤


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